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Controls[edit | edit source]

  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to move the player character in any of the four cardinal directions. Note that the player cannot walk diagonally.
  • A button: During combat portions of the game, press the A button to fire your primary weapon.
  • B button: Press the B button to activate your currently selected ESP power.
  • Start button: Press the Start button to alternate between the game and the status screen.
  • Select button: Use the Select button to toggle through your available ESP powers. Can even be used on the status screen. (Also has the effect of freezing the movement of enemy paw prints if pressed rapidly.)

Player[edit | edit source]

When you begin a new game, you are given the opportunity to provide a four letter name to your player. From there, you control the player as he attempts to rescue the story book world that he discovered upon opening a novel. Throughout the game, you will alternate between visiting towns, and entering dangerous enemy filled territory, where you must fight monsters to gain experience while helps you earn new levels, and money which can be used to buy better equipment. In order to fight monsters, the player is equipped with a gun. He is initially given a water gun, but he can buy better guns with enough money. Upon reaching the fourth level, the player will also earn his first ESP power, the power of Psi Beam, which creates a beam of energy that launches forward through several enemies. In towns, he is seen without his helmet, as shown to the left, but in enemy territory, he dons his protective head gear, as shown to the right. The player has a limited amount of hit points, and he will lose some every time he is hit by an enemy, or an enemy's bullets. If the player's hit points run out, he will die and the game will be over. You will then be given a chance to continue your game, or save it.

ESP Powers[edit | edit source]

Icon Description
Psi Beam: Level learned - 3 / EP Cost - 5
The Psi Beam will serve as your secondary weapon against monsters throughout the game. It can rip through enemies as it travels across the screen. The effects of the Psi Beam can be amplified by collecting the double or triple shot boxes, or the ESP books.
Esper Lamp: Level learned - 7 / EP Cost - 30
Use the power of the Esper Lamp to provide a light in dark dungeons.
Teleport: Level learned - 10 / EP Cost - 50
If you ever want to return to the village where you first began the game, simply use the power of Teleport to return you there.
Barrier: Level learned - 13 / EP Cost - 30
When you employ the Barrier, you will be protected from all harm for a limited period of time.
HP Repair: Level learned - 14 / EP Cost - 250
A very expensive, but very valuable power to have, HP Repair can restore some of your lost health. Use it in a pinch to prevent your player from dying.
Time Stop: Level learned - 17 / EP Cost - 80
Time Stop will freeze time for all the enemies and literally stop them in their tracks for a short period of time.
Flash: Level learned - 18 / EP Cost - 350
The most expensive power available, Flash causes instantaneous damage to all enemies visible on the screen.