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Titles are achievements that can be earned by performing specific tasks. Each title has several ranks and when a certain rank is achieved, it can be displayed under the character's name. Only one title can be displayed at a time. All titles are either account based or character based. A few titles are meta titles where progressing in these involve maxing other titles. Additional progress can still be made towards some titles even after they have already been maxed. Current title progress can be viewed by pressing the H key and clicking on the "Titles" tab. To display a title, click on the checkbox next to the title.

Account based[edit]

Winning in high ranking Guild vs. Guild battles.
Friend of the Kurzicks/Luxons 
Earning faction for either the Kurzicks or Luxons.
Winning in special event games.
Win streaks in random arena and team arena.
Winning in Hall of Heroes.
Treasure Hunter 
Opening high end chests.
Identifying rare (gold) items.
Opening the Zaishen chest with Zaishen keys.

Character based[edit]

Exploring the entire continent.
Drinking alcohol.
Party Animal 
Using party items.
Completing missions and bonus objectives.
Skill Hunter 
Capturing elite skills.
Sweet Tooth 
Eating sweet things.
Clearing all monsters in each area.