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Crusader was an orphan, raised in a small monastery in Blackmarsh (Medieval Europe). With endless lust for knowledge, he devoted his life to studying and healing, completely refusing to use arms for battling, preferring to use peaceful means instead. But as rumors about Eidolon’s threat were spreading, Crusader was realizing that peace wouldn’t help dealing with this threat, only weapons can drive Serpentrider’s forces away. Since then he began training, mastering his skills with the hammer. When Crusader saw a golem – creature used by Eidolon to raid, destroy and kill – he knew that the invasion had begun. Put aside his healing herbs, Crusader took his hammer and his armor, and left for fighting evil forces.

Crusader is something between Fighter and Mage from Hexen, possessing strong and weak sides of these classes at the same time. His average HP is the lowest among other characters, but his starting melee weapon is the strongest among other starting weapons. His mana-requiring weapons are accurate and can slay a monster at the far distance, but to get Holy Strength you need to be as close to killed monster as possible, and Crusader’s his average mana level is really low. Good for starting players since he’s a very straightforward character and has tools for surviving both in melee combat and in skirmish. He’s also the fastest level gainer among all classes due to his high wisdom value.


Wisdom Strength Intelligence Dexterity Health Points HP increase Mana Level Mana Increase Move Speed Gained Experience Modifier Needed Experience Modifier
15-18 12-15 10-13 6-10 65-70 5-10 on levels 2-10, 3 on levels 11+ 88-98 7-10 on levels 2-10, 2 on levels 11+ 93% 135% 135%


  • Revivification (level 3) slowly restores your HP over time, helping you to fight longer without healing despite your low HP value. This ability doesn’t work always, so don’t expect to receive unlimited regeneration.
  • Holy Strength (level 6) creates a Power Sphere when you slay an enemy. When you pick up one, your melee damage increases dramatically for a short period of time. These spheres disappear with time, so they must be picked up as soon as possible. Sadly, this ability doesn’t trigger very often.


  • Warhammer is really slow, but deals the great amount of damage. Sometimes when you hit with it, you will perform a downward strike with increased damage. When powered up, it turns into a ranged weapon which doesn’t require mana, firing three bolts per attack.
Basic damage Basic mana Damage with Tome of Power Mana with Tome of Power
15-25 basic, 30-50 increased none 10 none
  • Ice Mace fires fast ice projectiles, each of them dealing really low damage, but with low mana costs and high reach. If the enemy is killed with this weapon, its animation instantly stops, and it turns into a statue of solid ice which can be shattered with any other weapon. When powered up, ice pillars are created, which usually freeze pretty quick.
Basic damage Basic mana Damage with Tome of Power Mana with Tome of Power
10 1 blue 50 10 blue
  • Meteor Staff fires burning rocks which do blast damage, and can be used for rocketjumping (good weapon to skip some puzzles). With the Tome of Power this weapon can produce a tornado against group of enemies.
Basic damage Basic mana Damage with Tome of Power Mana with Tome of Power
120 8 green 5-7 per second 20 green
  • Lightbringer consists of 2 parts. When you combine (pick up) both parts, you receive a staff which fires a beam of light which can reflect and damage monsters round corners. When powered up, it produces three beams of light instead of one.
Basic damage Basic mana Damage with Tome of Power Mana with Tome of Power
140 per second 1 both 340 per second middle, 140 per second sided 1 both

Glyph of the Ancients[edit]

Crusader uses this artifact just like Corvus was using Time Bomb; he places it on the ground, and it detonates after a few seconds, damaging everyone nearby including you, if you’re not fast enough to get away. Useful against chasers and slow melee fighters.


Crusader benefits from helmets best, receiving a very small amount of AC from bracers.