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Eidolon wanted to destroy the humankind not for nothing; he wanted to populate the land with supreme race... which never existed. So he wanted this race to be created by him, and that’s how Demoness – the first and only prototype of that race – was began her existence. Eidolon taught her everything she needed, also making her suffer to harden her. But then he was slayed by the four heroes, and Demoness was too weak to stop them or to avenge his death. She recently gained the ability of magic and wasn’t skilled with it yet, so there was not much she could do. Hiding from prying eyes, she was growing stronger, wishing that some day would come, and she will summon Eidolon back to Thyrion. But when his body suddenly disappeared, Demoness had to act quickly. Praevus’s plan to resurrect all Serpentriders and enslave them forced Demoness to fight against him. Avenging heroes could wait.

Demoness is a playable character only in Portal of Praevus add-on. She’s similar to Mage from Hexen, being all about magic and mana. Her basic weapon is a ranged one, so she can always damage enemies at the distance without mana, which is really useful when dealing with strong yakmen and werejaguars. On the other hand, just like Mage, she’s not much of a melee fighter, and her abilities require some skill to be of any use. She’s also the only character whose gained experience modifier doesn’t equal needed experience modifier, making her progress through levels slower than for other characters.


Wisdom Strength Intelligence Dexterity Health Points HP increase Mana Level Mana Increase Move Speed Gained Experience Modifier Needed Experience Modifier
11-14 11-14 9-13 9-13 65-75 5-10 on levels 2-10, 3 on levels 11+ 100-110 8-11 on levels 2-10, 3 on levels 11+ 100% 100% 129%


  • Demon Glide (level 3) allows you to use wings to slowly descend instead of falling. Hold down the jump button to glide. Useful for making long jumps and reaching deep pits without receiving damage and usually useless in battle.
  • Masochistic Mana (level 6) gives you some amount of mana each time you’re hit when your HP is low. This allows you to convert health points to mana with a high risk of death.


  • Blood Fire is the only ranged weapon which doesn’t require mana or Tomes of Power to work. Demoness fires a very precise sparkle. Sadly, it doesn’t fly too far or deal much damage.
Basic damage Basic mana Damage with Tome of Power Mana with Tome of Power
? none ? none
  • Acid Rune creates a projectile which deals some damage to an enemy in a very small radius. Fast, precise and effective.
Basic damage Basic mana Damage with Tome of Power Mana with Tome of Power
? blue ? blue
  • Firestorm doesn’t only deal damage, but also burns enemies, draining their health over time. It’s possible to kill an archer or a gargoyle with a single hit if you hit the enemy and then wait enough time. Tougher enemies like yakmen or werejaguars can be burned, but fire will end its effect before draining all their huge amount of health. Some enemies like golems cannot be burned at all. Sometimes Firestorm can deal damage but doesn’t burn the target.
Basic damage Basic mana Damage with Tome of Power Mana with Tome of Power
? green ? green
  • Tempest's Staff consists of 2 parts. When you combine (pick up) both parts, you receive a staff which fires electric spheres.
Basic damage Basic mana Damage with Tome of Power Mana with Tome of Power
? both ? both

Glyph of the Ancients[edit]

Demoness throws this artifact, and it creates a cloud of toxic gas which damages foes nearby. Luckily, Demoness herself is immune to the effect. Be careful throwing Glyph of Ancients at nearby targets since it bounces a few times before stopping and can fly too far away.