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Windows PS2 Xbox
WASD Neutral lstick Movement
Neutral rstick Look up/down, Turn left/right
E Cross button Action button (pickup, jump through window, etc.)
PC Mouse Left Click.png R1 button Shoot weapon.
PC Mouse Right Click.png Triangle button Open inventory.
G Circle button Drop weapon/item.
Q Square button Draw/holster weapon
M L1 button Bring up map
Left Ctrl L2 button Crouch/Sneak
Left Shift Hold to run
Spacebar Toggle Crouch/Sneak
Caps Lock Press to run all the time
R R2 button Reload weapon
B Select button Bring up mission briefing
Z Left dpad Lean to the left
C Right dpad Lean to the right
PC Mouse Wheel Neutral.png Up dpad Down dpad Zoom in/out, Scroll up/down, Scroll maps
F1 R3 button Toggle 1st/3rd person perspective
L3 button Precise Aiming (hold down)
F12 Take screenshot
Esc Start button Bring up options menu/pause game
1 Equip melee weapon (knife, etc.)
2 Equip Pistol
3 Equip Submachine gun
4 Equip Rifle
5 Equip Binoculars
6 Equip Night Vision Goggles
7 Equip Lockpick