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Starting on a now-familiar long straightaway, you can see the first 4 second boost in the distance before the track takes an easy right hand turn onto a shorter stretch. At the end of this second straight section is a sharp left-hand turn revealing another short stretch and another 4 second boost before another right-hand turn. Take this right easy as it soon becomes a left-hand turn with twin archways spanning the track. The left archway here has a 4 second boost under it and if you look between the archways a bell tolls just above them hiding a 9 second boost. You can get the 9 seconder if you manage to time your jump correctly. Through the archway or the bell, a the left hand turn continues and you will soon be on another straightaway but tucked into the corner of the left-hand turn is a 4 second boost. On the right-hand side of the straight section is a ramp with a 4 second boost atop and from here you will be able to see that the track takes a slight diversion ahead to the left. The diversion itself holds a 4 second boost, whereas jumping over the crematorium in front will yield a hidden 9 second boost. Be careful of the gravestones as your boat could come a cropper on them. Diversion or not, you will then have a ramp with another 4 second boost on the left before entering into the castle after which the track is named.

Inside the castle you will notice on the right-hand wall are a series of four windows. You can jump through any of these windows onto a hidden section of track. The second window holds a hidden four second boost and the hidden part of the track holds tight to the outside wall of the inside track, so on going through the window, expect to land by hitting the far track barrier and then take a left. You will find a 9 second boost and a 4 second boost as you head around. The 9 second boost is tucked into the crevice of a right-hand turn. Heading around that right-hand turn will take you to a left turn and a long ramp back onto the main course. Staying inside the castle, the track takes a series of left-hand turns which form into a long single left turn if taken correctly, and culminate in a sharp right-hand turn with a 9 second boost on the outside, again tucked into the crevice of the turn. After the right-hand turn there is a short straightaway to the exit of the castle where the outside track rejoins. Keep to the left if you are coming out of the castle as you are back on the start-finish straightaway here, and there's a long ramp (not the same one as the outside track) with another 9 second boost just before the finish line.