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Hydro Speedway bears a number of similarities to Thunder Park. Besides the similar appearance, the course is also a circuit and has a hidden 9 second boost. Look just ahead of you on the start line's long straightaway and you will see a boat hanging. Jump at the boat and you will find a 9 second boost. At the end of the start-finish straight, the track heads right onto another long straight section which narrows towards the end. Just before it narrows is a 4 second boost and just after, it turns right. On the inside of this right-hand turn is a 9 second boost which leads you on a short stretch before turning left onto another short stretch and then a right again. This right also has a boost on the inside, albeit a 4 seconder. A slighter longer straight section follows, before another right-hand turn and another short stretch. On this straightaway, in the middle, is a 4 second boost hanging in mid-air.

By the time you land with the boost, the track takes a mirrored split and you are blocked from jumping through the middle. In both directions, you find a curve out and back to what would otherwise have been a straight run. On the way back in there is a ramp with a 4 second boost sitting there. Try to take the turn on the inside and head diagonally across the ramp as the track then performs another similar split, but this time your jump off the ramp can take you straight across the middle of the island if aimed correctly. As the two sides join again, a 4 second boost is drifting side-to-side across the track in front of a tunnel. Head through the tunnel and take the right turn at the end back onto the start-finish line. Before the finish line is a ramp on the left with a 4 second boost.

Not a difficult track to understand, but it can be a tad frustrating getting that first place until you are used to it.