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Button Function Notes
Circle button Jump N/A
Control-Modifier-Air.pngCircle button Aerial Dodge Unlocked/upgraded via Master Form
Triangle button Reaction Command Used to "Talk" to people, as well as perform special commands in the heat of battle when a prompt appears on-screen.
Square button Guard/Use an Ability N/A
Control-Modifier-Air.pngSquare button Glide Unlocked/upgraded via Final Form
Neutral lstick+Square button Dodge Roll Unlocked/upgraded via Limit Form (Final Mix exclusive)
Neutral lstick+Square hold Quick Run Unlocked/upgraded via Wisdom Form
Cross button Attack/Use selected Command N/A
Neutral dpad Scroll through Command Menu Move through the various options in the "Command Menu". Use Right dpad to open a sub-menu
L1 button Open shortcut menu Hold in conjunction with a face button to perform the action assigned to that button
L2 button Change R3 button function Change function of R3 button when held down. Stick is now used to select commands from the "Command Menu"
Neutral lstick Move Roxas/Sora Push gently to walk, firmly to run
R1 button Target Lock Automatially targets the nearest enemy once pushed
R2 button Fix camera/switch targets This fixes the viewing perspective to directly beind Roxas/Sora. If held down, can be used in conjuntion with R3 button to manually change targets
R3 button Centre the camera Press down until it comes behind your character (or enemy if you have already selected one).
Neutral rstick Camera movement N/A
Start button Pause game/open menu (out of battle) Will also pause cutscenes, offering the option to skip them entirely
Select button Enter/exit first-person perspective N/A