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Button Function Notes
Circle button Jump Equipping the "High Jump" ability learned from Valor form (Sora only) allows you to jump higher than would normally be possible. When the "Aerial Dodge" ability learned from Master form (Sora only) is equipped, press Circle button again to perform another leap in mid-air.
Triangle button Reaction Command Used to "Talk" to people, as well as perform special commands in the heat of battle when a prompt appears on-screen.
Square button Use an Ability N/A
Cross button Attack Used to perform a command from the "Commands Menu"
Neutral dpad Select a command Move through the various options in the "Command Menu". Use the Right button to open a sub-menu
L1 button Shortcut Use to quickly access spells and items that you have customised.
L2 button Change R3 button function Change function of R3 button when held down. Stick is now used to select commands from the "Command Menu"
Neutral lstick Move the controllable character Move Roxas/Sora around in any direction. Push gently for a walk, firmly for them to run
R1 button Target Lock Automatially targets the nearest enemy once pushed
R2 button Fix camera/switch targets This fixes the viewing perspective to directly beind Roxas/Sora. If held down, can be used in conjuntion with R3 button to manually change targets
R3 button Centre the camera Press down until it comes behind your character (or enemy if you have already selected one).
Neutral rstick Camera movement The camera moves in the same direction as you push the stick. For example, the camera will move left if you push the stick to the left
Start button Main Menu/Pause Used to access the memu, but only wen there are no enemies around, or not in the middle of a cutscene. In a cutscene, it will pause the movie, allowing you to either continue the movie, or skip it entirely
Select button First-person perspective Press once to enter perspective; press a second time to exit