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These bosses are only available in the Final Mix version of the game.


In the real world, Sora should try his best to both free his friends from the Curse, and avoid it at the same time. Once Sora gets caught and transported into the illusion, the player must focus down the real lexicon floating around. Guarding and jumping against Book attacks and charges are the optimal ways a player can protect themselves should they face him early on. If Sora is hit by Command Lock, the player must flip through the new command list, and can either prioritize the "Release" command, which unlocks Sora's commands, or search for other commands that drop prizes, such as "Recover", "Stamina", and "Treasure", while avoiding ones with negative effects. Once the real lexicon's health is depleted, Sora can use the Reaction Command "Dispel", which brings him and friends back to the real world, where he can continue to knock away at Zexion's health.

In the second phase, the illusion world is more dangerous and hazardous than before. To inexperianced players, Book Arcana is extremely damaging, if not outright lethal, and Ensnare will finish off an unprepared player within seconds if they don't react quick enough. Trinity Limit (or limits in general) can be useful in this phase, as it makes Sora invincible while damaging the lexicon no matter where it is.

In the third phase, Meteor Mirage is an exceptionally difficult ability to deal with. Remember that the spotlight shifts a total of thirteen times before stopping, so counting can help the player set up and prepare for the thirteenth shift accordingly. Movement abilities like Valor/Anti form's enhanced speed, Quick Run, Aerial Dodge, and Dodge Roll are especially useful for getting into the right spotlight in time. Since the lexicon forces itself into the blue spotlight, this allows Sora to attack it relentlessly for a short period of time. If Sora is unable to reach the right spotlight in time, either use Reflect magic, or a lengthy limit command to avoid the incoming meteor onslaught. Other than that, the same strategy should be used until Zexion is defeated.


Larxene appears as an Absent Silhouette, found at the entrance of Isla de Muerte in Port Royal during Sora's first visit. It is not advised to fight Larxene during Sora's first trip to Port Royal, as this portion of the fight requires a dodging ability that Sora most likely does not have at the time. Due to the absence of card-based combat, her moveset is completely different from the one she utilized in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.

It is important not to cast any Thunder spells during the battle, as Larxene will just absorb the attack. Utilize Merge if possible, as this will not only open Larxene to more damage, but it also will cause her clones to vanish for a time. Equip Sora with plenty of healing items, especially Elixirs and Megalixirs, and also ensure that he has the Cure and Reflect spells in his magic shortcut menu for easy defensive and recovery use. Make sure Sora is of a relatively high level and has maxed out the levels of his Drive Forms, so he can dodge Larxene's attacks with greater success. Sora, Donald, and Goofy should also be equipped with armor such as the Thunder Trinket or the Petite Ribbon and Grand Ribbon to minimize the damage caused by Larxene's lightning-based attacks.

At the start of the battle, Larxene will begin charge and surround herself with damaging lightning. Sora will immediately have to quickly dodge or block three copies as they rush in his direction. Utilize High Jump LV2, Reflect, or a well-timed Guard to avoid taking damage. Larxene with reappear with a clone of herself, and proceed to attack Sora at intervals. If Sora successfully hits Larxene or her clone with a ground or aerial combo finisher while the other is not in the middle of an attack, the Reaction Command "Merge" may appear. If Merge is used, Sora will grab Larxene by the wrist and throw her into the air. He will then grab her clone and spin her around, lifting her up off the floor. He will then hurl the clone at the original Larxene as she falls back down, causing them to forcibly merge, stunning her for a short time. This will consequently open Larxene up for more damage, but remain cautious, as Larxene may return to her senses and bombard Sora with lightning. Reflect, a chain of Dodge Rolls, or Quick Run LV2 can be used to avoid this lightning attack, as well as any Thunder spells she attempts to use. Sora can interrupt her in-between attacks, though he should be quick when moving in.

After about two bars have been depleted from Larxene's total HP, her clones will begin to attempt a ground assault. Several will rush at Sora either in a straight line with a long delay, or from all directions with a shorter delay. Guard or Reflega should be used to avoid the incoming clones. They may also attempt to slash Sora in droves, a well-timed Guard or Reflect will protect him. Not only will the Reflect prevent damage, but may also deal damage to Larxene. If she vanishes and the screen blackens, be prepared for a rather deadly desperation attack. During this tactic's execution, the Larxene clones will surround and slash Sora, before encircling and rushing at him. The true Larxene will then attack Sora from above with a downward slam and a lightning strike. At least three timed Guards are needed to avoid damage; one for the assault, one for the encircling attack, and one for the downward slam, though Reflect magic is a good option. Should Sora get caught in it, immediately cast Cure or use any kind of healing item, Elixirs and Hi-Potions recommended. Larxene will then proceed to reuse previously seen attacks until her HP starts to dwindle.

When Larxene's HP has been depleted to its second-to-last bar, she will charge power and surround herself with lightning as she usually does. However, instead of teleporting away to perform a rush attack with her clones, Larxene will teleport to the center, adjust her hair, then levitate while glowing with lightning energy. She will then begin to spin in place as she executes her most devastating attack, which involves her firing long columns of lightning spheres from her arms in a straight line as lightning bolts are periodically called down on Sora's location. These spheres deal damage when touched, so the best way to avoid them is to either stay airborne or remain within the gaps between the two lightning orb columns. If either Donald or Goofy have not been KO'd, initiate a Limit, as it will nullify all incoming damage and may even damage Larxene should it outlast the attack. This attack has a strong chance of dropping Sora's HP into the Alarm Zone, and if Donald or Goofy either have no items or have been knocked out, prioritize healing Sora immediately. Larxene will often rush at Sora with her copies immediately after this destructive desperation attack, so be prepared to Guard or cast Reflect. From this point forward, Larxene will use all previously seen attacks (including the lightning sphere columns).


During this battle, Sora and Lexaeus have a special power meter. Sora's power level is capped at 100, whereas Lexaeus steadily increases his power level throughout the fight, up to a maximum of 99999. As Lexaeus's power rises, his attack power, range, and defense increase.

Lexaeus has several moves in his arsenal. In one, he leaps upwards and slams the ground with his Skysplitter; evade this attack using Reflect or Dodge Roll. In another, he hurls the Skysplitter three times, each time causing rocks to erupt from the ground. The finisher is the most powerful of the three, but comes with an exploitable delay, allowing Sora to predict when to Dodge Roll. In the third attack, Lexaeus drags the Skysplitter on the ground to strike Sora. Blocking this attack with Guard or Reflect creates the opportunity to use the Mega-Impact Reaction command. When this command is used, Sora temporarily increases his power level by an amount equal to Lexaeus's current power level, striking Lexaeus and stripping him of his aura. After the Reaction Command is complete, Sora loses the power bonus.

Lexaeus steadily boosts his power level as his health dwindles. When increasing his power, he gains a red aura and pushes the party back. At higher power, Lexaeus's attacks gain further properties. For instance, when he drags the Skysplitter on the ground to strike Sora, the attack has more range on higher levels. Lexaeus can also charge at Sora, throw him against a stone pillar, and hurl his aura-infused Skysplitter at Sora. Alternately, he can grab Sora, throw him skyward, and slam him to the ground while pillars of earth erupt around the arena.

Lexaeus's ultimate attack involves him flying outside the arena for a number of seconds, before charging back into the arena. He finishes his attack by causing rocks to erupt over the entire arena. Sora should guard the charge and cast Reflect; alternately, High Jump and Glide around the arena.

The Oblivion and Decisive Pumpkin are crucial to bringing Lexaeus down quickly.


Vexen appears as an Absent Silhouette and due to the absence of cards his attack style completely changes. Vexen has two HP bars; his main one, and the initial one on his shield which levitates in front of him. The shield itself unlike in the Chain of Memories games no longer counts as a block/guard, meaning any guard breaking attack damages it normally.

At the start of the battle, Vexen will surround Sora in a stream of data. In a flash of light, Sora will be trapped within a massive block of ice. Rapidly press Triangle button to set him free. Vexen will then most likely attempt to hit Sora with twin, large snowflakes as they quickly spin around him. Dodge Roll multiple times or use Reflega to avoid the attack. Sora can then attack the HP bar of Vexen's Frozen Pride Shield. Depleting the weapon's HP will not only lower Vexen's defenses, but it will also allow Sora to attack Vexen himself.

Be cautious, however, for if the purple Data Bar at the top of the screen should fill up to one unit as Sora stands in the homing data stream Vexen summoned earlier, a Clone Sora in the style of Sora's AntiForm is created. This is merely a distraction method, but the Clone Sora's attacks are powerful and much like AntiForm itself, its power and HP will only increase as the Data Bar fills from zero to five over the course of the battle. So target the Clone Sora the first. Otherwise, most combos Sora attempts to use against Vexen will most likely be interrupted. Defeating a Clone Sora will relinquish MP orbs to restore any MP Sora has used up. Then continue to strike Vexen with physical combos or Fire spells. Vexen will only use attacks previously seen for the rest of the battle, so utilize the same strategies to avoid them as before. Vexen is invincible when creating a Clone Sora, so he may be bound to stop delay any of Sora's assaults whenever he gets the chance with one unit of data collected.

Sora should immediately switch to Wisdom Form to attack Vexen with Fire spells, since this will boost the spell's power. However, because this battle has an increased chance of activating AntiForm, either spend time beforehand lowering Sora's Anti Points, or be prepared to go on the evasive. An Ether should be used right before Sora's MP hits zero rather than afterwards. This will increase the amount of Fire spells that can be launched before Sora reverts to normal.

Vexen can also occasionally use a move similar to his Diamond Dust sleight for a full screen effect to briefly blind and distract Sora, which deals no damage, but after the ice storm clears up, his data stream will have moved instantly move right under Sora without notice. Be on the move constantly when this happens.

It is always wise to keep moving and to knock back Vexen to prevent staying in one spot constantly to avoid the data stream. Air combos work great for this due to the stationary launching nature of most of Sora's ground combo finishers. Donald and Goofy no doubt, do not have any affect on the data stream, so they are free to move around as they wish, especially if they have been properly equipped to assist Sora in anyway possible.

When Vexen reaches his retaliation point in the air, he'll forcefully attempt to counter with a variation of his Ice Needle attack. On ground and out of normal retaliation, he'll instantly re-summon his shield, knocking back Sora. Both retaliation points will cause Vexen to always regain his shield.


Due to the absence of cards, Marluxia's battle strategies are changed. At the start of the fight, Marluxia curses Sora with a number (Sora's current level) above his head. During the battle, try to defend or evade Marluxia's scythe attacks, as every time Sora is struck with the scythe, his counter decreases by one, and it is game over if the counter hits zero.

As the battle commences, Marluxia will begin to perform a combo with his scythe. While this combo can be blocked, it cannot be interrupted; as such, Keyblade strikes must be done after Marluxia finishes his or is stunned by blocks. After two finishers, Marluxia will teleport to Sora and swing his scythe, which can be easily dodged with Dodge Roll. If the attack connects, Sora is flung into the air, allowing Marluxia to perform a lengthy combo. Aerial Recovery is necessary at this point, as it can nullify Marluxia's scythe slash. Marluxia will also create a whirlwind that sucks the party towards him and follow it up with a barrage of scythe attacks. Successfully Guarding or Reflecting the attack grants access to two Reaction Commands. In the first, Restore Count (which can only be performed if Sora is near the scythe), he steals Marluxia's scythe, swings it several times, and hurls it back to its owner, restoring 13 points of Sora's counter. In the second, Aerial Strike (performed if Sora is instead close by to Marluxia himself), Sora narrowly evades Marluxia's scythe swing, leaps from atop the scythe itself, and bombards him with an aerial combo before sending him flying with a backswing.

As Marluxia's health dwindles, he gains several additional attacks. He can teleport into the center of the arena and generate three circles surrounded by wisps of thorns, which cannot deplete Sora's counter but can deplete his health. The circles can dissipate after a while. During this phase, Marluxia can repeat his scythe combo, draw the party towards him with the whirlwind, or sink into the ground, the blade of his scythe visible, and spin towards Sora. When Marluxia teleports towards the center of the arena, casting Firaga or quickly initiating a combo as he emerges can prevent him from attacking. Marluxia can also slash Sora multiple times, each time preceded by him teleporting in a portal of flowers.

Marluxia gains two new attacks in his final phase. His first is an extended version of his scythe wheel attack that does not end when it lands or is blocked. The second is Marluxia's ultimate attack. As the screen darkens, he rises upward before appearing above Sora and following his position, surrounded by a pink aura and laughing. Portals of darkness can appear and erupt within the radius of Sora's positon, which can be evaded by Gliding or running in a close (but not tight) circle. Eventually, Marluxia will hurl his scythe towards Sora, which can hit multiple times, and then dive to and slam the ground. Reflect magic is necessary to survive the final hit.

Xemnas (Data)[edit]

The Data Rematch against Xemnas has two phases. The first is based upon Sora's one-on-one duel on Memory's Contortion, while the second is based upon the final phase of the final battle. Upon the completion of the first phase, Riku joins Sora's party, giving Sora a chance to change his equipment between battles. If Sora is defeated in the second phase, he will have to redo the first phase.

For the first phase, simply use the same strategy used against the real Xemnas. However, there are four differences. The first three are simple: Xemnas has more health, doesn't curse Sora at the start of the fight, and is left with 1 HP if Sora uses Finish during Facedown. The fourth is the addition of an enhanced Slice barrage attack when Xemnas gets close to half health, where the arena darkens and he follows Sora closely, thereby making it much more difficult to evade the attack.

For the second phase, use the same strategy used in the final battle against the real Xemnas. However, Xemnas's pattern is different. For instance, he now uses Invitation to Nothingness multiple times. Sora should bring Elixirs and Hi-Potions to the fight for healing.

Xigbar (Data)[edit]

In the data rematch, Xigbar begins by transforming the stage. Xigbar no longer needs to reload his weapons, so the only way to approach him is to deflect his shots back at him using Guard or Reflect, which stuns him for a brief period. His shots now move much faster as well. When he leaves the area to snipe, he can now shoot rapid-fire at Sora before the "Warp Snipe" Reaction Command is available. His charged blue shot now takes almost no time to charge and becomes far too quick to reliably use the Reaction Command, so it is better to cast Reflect before it hits to dissipate it.

Xaldin (Data)[edit]

Xaldin returns as a Data Rematch battle and is much more powerful. His health has greatly increased, but the strategy to defeat him remains largely the same. Of note is that his Aero shield now reduces all incoming damage to a mere one point, and that coming in contact with it deals massive damage to Sora.

To prepare for the fight, stock up on Elixirs, have the Cure spell in the shortcut menu, and equip the Ultima Weapon. Guardian Soul is also an asset, as the Jump command will prove handy. Maximize the Growth abilities granted by Drive Forms, as they can be put to great use during the battle. For example, whenever Xaldin starts his lance shower attack, a good strategy is to Glide around the area while the pressing Triangle button to get any possible Jump commands, then cast Reflect on the last attack to inflict massive damage. This protects Sora from damage and from danger of being defeated before healing. Even if this technique only yields two or three Jump commands, Sora can simply use Jump to dispel Xaldin's Aero spell and follow up with an attack combo.

When Xaldin attempts to ram Sora with his Aero rush, use Aerial Dodge and land close to him. Doing so will keep Sora safe from Xaldin's attack, while creating an oportunity to collect Jump commands. Jumping or Dodge Rolling can also be used, and still allow Sora to learn Jump. Xaldin will continue pursuing Sora unless attacked, so take advantage of this pattern to heal if necessary by Gliding away.

When his HP is low, Xaldin will gain access to his dark aura mode. By this point in the game, Sora should have learned Once More, greatly reducing the threat of this attack. The attack can be avoided by Gliding away, as Xaldin remains stationary. His Tornado attack can be avoided simply by casting Reflect. The best time to attack Xaldin with Jump is when he ends his Aero rush, when he stops for a brief moment, or when he attacks with his Lances.

Mickey and Beast will not assist Sora in this fight.

Vexen (Data)[edit]

The battle against Vexen's Data Rematch will flow similarly to the battle against his Absent Silhouette. The only differences will be the amount of HP he has, the pattern in which he uses his attacks, and a deadly new ability.

His desperation move occurs at around 5.5 HP bars left, where Vexen as he reaches that point will become invincible during a certain moment. From there, the usual special effect of the screen turning dark will occur and Vexen will create four ice blocks around himself that orbit around which he will try hurl at Sora as they regenerate for each one thrown. Staying near Vexen during his desperation move will most likely inflict major damage at lower levels and at low maximum HP, causing a one-hit KO if Second Chance and Once More are not equipped. Vexen will fly around chasing/ramming into Sora occasionally and may even hurl all four of his ice blocks at once. Vexen during the DM's final moments will cause a large icicle that erupts from the center of the arena, with its width covering nearly the whole area.

Comet can be used to avoid damage throughout this desperation move by delaying the Reaction Commands and taking advantage of the invincibility to attack normally with no fear of retaliation, although Sora will need to use an Ether and perform Comet again to last through the whole technique if his MP isn't high enough at the time. Vexen's shield cannot be broken during the DM, though it can still be attacked and brought down to 1 HP. The final attack of the DM usually requires a long-lasting invincible bypass, but finding a way to stay in the air for long periods of time around the edges of the battlefield can also avoid the attack. Outside of long invincible bypasses like Donald's Comet, deft dodging, solid focus on Vexen's actions and precise movement is needed to avoid most of the attack's beginning portions, and Sora must keep his distance at all times.

Also, the Clone Sora's HP is relative to the amount of data that Vexen collects. The Clone Sora also inflicts notably more damage than the previous fight, requiring more careful measures to be taken.

Sora will receive a Lost Illusion as a reward for defeating the Data Rematch.

Lexaeus (Data)[edit]

The Data Rematch plays out nearly identically to the Absent Silhouette battle. Lexaeus's health has greatly increased, and begins the fight with higher power.

To defeat the Data Replica, Sora should use the same strategy he used when taking on the original Absent Silhouette. However, while Sora has access to much more abilities than he had when taking down the Silhouette, Lexaeus is much stronger, and can employ countermeasures as well.

Zexion (Data)[edit]

The Data Rematch against Zexion will flow similarly to the battle against his Absent Silhouette. The only differences will be the amount of HP he has and the pattern in which he uses his attacks. Simply recall the strategy used in the Absent Silhouette battle and use the "Dispel" Reaction Command when trapped within the Book of Retribution. Sora also should be of a relatively high level, using spells such as Curaga and Reflega, as well as Drive Forms and a powerful Keyblade such as the Ultima Weapon. The reward for defeating the Data Rematch is a Lost Illusion.

Saïx (Data)[edit]

Saïx's Data Rematch begins slightly differently from his first encounter. His Berserk bar will begin empty and he will immediately call to the moon and start charging it for a short period. Sora can use a finishing move to interrupt Saïx' charge early, so it is recommended to remove any Combo Plus abilities prior to the battle.

Once Saïx enters his Berserk state the battle becomes purely survival and waiting for him to drop a claymore. Saïx will take damage in his Berserk state, but it is not without risk because of the large amount of damage that can be dealt. The best strategy is to keep as much distance between Saïx and Sora as possible and look for one of three things to happen: Saïx will stand in place and use his "All shall be lost to you!" desperation move (which he uses very often); it is at this time that he is truly invincible and Sora must stay away. Saïx may also begin his "Move aside!" combo, provided enough distance is put between Saïx and Sora, simply stand in place and wait for his claymores to drop close by. The third thing that will happen is Saïx will begin to run towards Sora, once close Saïx will either perform his "Begone!" combo or leap into the air and perform his large shockwave attack. If not Reflected, do not count on grabbing the large shockwave claymore, by the time Sora is close enough it will vanish and Sora will be close to Saïx and vulnerable. After every one of his combos, he will recharge his Berserk bar and the only way to stop this is to attack him. However, this comes as a risk because he will attack back with one of his combos, except his "All shall be lost to you!" desperation move since it requires a full Berserk bar to perform.

The Lunatics that Saïx throws disappear very quickly, so get to them quickly by using Dodge Roll or guarding the attack that launched them with Reflect. Unlike in the original battle, Sora will be invulnerable while holding a Lunatic, and the "Berserk" Reaction Command after grabbing one becomes available almost instantly.

After breaking Saïx's berserk state, it is pivotal to guard in order to block his attacks, as they can still deal heavy damage and will allow Saïx to call to the moon to charge his Berserk gauge faster. The "Magna Storm" Reaction Command will still reset Saïx's Berserk gauge in the Data Rematch, but the dropped claymores vanish much faster and the window to use Magna Storm after seizing one is shorter.

Axel (Data)[edit]

The Data Rematch Axel that Sora fights is based on the second fight, with Sora fighting him alone in a ring of fire. Axel will have higher HP and stronger attacks than his earlier version in Roxas's storyline. Be sure to equip the Mysterious Abyss Keyblade as it has the Blizzard Boost ability which can allow maximum damage to Axel's fire-based attacks. Stock up on Ethers and Potions as they'll be handy in the battle. Reflect is also an alternative to using Blizzard, as it can do similar damage. Be sure to make use of the "Overtaker" and "Clear Light" Reaction Commands as they will cease the damage Sora receives from the magma floor.

In this battle, Sora's HP will drain very rapidly unless the player "Clear Light" to stop his "Burn Baby!". A good strategy is to have Auto Limit on to transform and restore Sora's HP if he's in critical condition while his MP is recovering. Equipping Ultima Weapon along with MP Haste and MP Hastera can reduce Sora's MP recharge to a mere 15 seconds. If the player uses two finishing moves on Axel with one combo (using Finishing Plus) he will jump outside to attack Sora. This will allow Sora to counter with Overtaker and then "Clear Light" to prevent anymore damage to his HP. Axel also cannot be beaten while the floor is on fire.

Limit Form with MP Rage equipped is also a good idea as performing limits will damage Axel and restore Sora's HP. The HP drained will be converted to MP for Sora to use in an endless cycle as long as he's still in Limit Form.

Demyx (Data)[edit]

Demyx fights in a similar manner to the previous battle, but this time he makes use of more water forms. There are four rounds of water forms at the start, the amount and time limit randomizing among them. The most difficult of the four requires Sora to destroy seventy-five forms in thirty seconds. If Sora physically attacks any of the forms, instead of transforming into a note, it will instead retaliate. What is not immediately known to the player is that a water form hit with Blizzaga now triggers the change into note form, therefore allowing "Wild Dance" to be performed. When reduced to his last health bar, Demyx once again sends out the forms in rounds. The very last of the round is the most difficult, requiring Sora to beat ninety-nine forms in only thirty seconds. Also, Demyx's fountains increase in number and power and some briefly follow Sora for a longer period of time, which somewhat resembles Vexen's Ice Needles Sleight.

It is advisable to stock up on Ethers/Elixirs or any MP-restoring items in the item slots, including Donald and Goofy's, and have Donald and Goofy carry out their attacks very frequently. Disable any Auto Limit support abilities, as this might prevent usage of the Reaction Command "Wild Dance" and might force one into a Limit instead, making it more or less difficult to destroy all the forms in time. The note-shaped water forms do not appear own their own, forcing the player to have to cast Blizzaga if they wish to use "Wild Dance". Firaga will also instantly destroy the water forms. Due to the number of individual projectiles, entering Limit Form and using Ragnarok can also prove useful.

Alternatively, switch to Wisdom Form and use magic-based attacks. Reflect and Fire will come in handy—as while in Wisdom Form, casting magic is done at a faster rate and Sora can move around quicker.

Also, be sure to reset the Anti-Points counter to zero before the battle, so as to help prevent Sora from entering Anti Form. However, one attack from Anti Form can destroy a form due to Anti Form dealing Neutral damage as opposed to Physical. While capable of defeating the water forms within the time limits, a method revolving around the use of Anti Form requires a lot of skill and some luck, making it less consistently reliable than simply using Wisdom Form.

Heal when necessary, but prioritize MP for attacks; Only use Cure if Donald is KO'd and Sora absolutely must heal.

Luxord (Data)[edit]

Luxord can be fought again in his Data Rematch. This time around, winning Luxord's minigames becomes critical to victory, but are made more difficult as a result.

Unlike before, Sora will not be turned into a die at the start of the battle. During the "Begin Game" challenges, the shifting of the "O" does not slow down, and in fact slows down and speeds up at random, making it much more difficult to win each game. If Sora does lose and is turned into a card, a good strategy is to move away from Luxord as fast as possible and keep moving until the "Drive" empties. When Sora returns to normal, attack whenever there is an opening. When Luxord transforms himself into a card and shuffles around, manipulate the camera quickly to see which card Luxord is in, then follow that same card until the cards stop shuffling.

During this battle, Luxord will always activate his strongest attack when his Time Gauge drops to a low value (close to 1/8) regardless of how hard he is attacked. The four "O" game now punishes failure more severely. If Sora fails the game, not only does Sora become a die, but his Time Gauge is also depleted significantly, while Luxord's is restored to a value as high as to half his entire gauge. Luxord will repeat this game if his health is depleted again. In this battle, winning the four "O" game is essential to victory.

A rather cheap strategy for this final game is to continuously press the Pause button, to ease the process of spotting "O" commands. Be very careful when using this strategy, however, because recklessly pressing the button when witnessing an "O" during pause mode may result in the "O" becoming an "X" as soon as the pause ends. Instead, pause continuously while the command displays an "X", and then press the command as soon as the "O" appears in pause mode.

Once Sora wins the game, Luxord's Time Gauge will fall, and all he must do is inflict a combo finisher or cast magic (preferably Thundaga) to win.

Marluxia (Data)[edit]

The strategy for taking down Marluxia's Replica Data is the same, but he has more health. Marluxia, however, now begins the match by warping to the center of the arena, so try to intercept him quickly or spam Firaga until he emerges. Whenever he does this, he now instantly surrounds Sora with an aura of thorns. In addition, every successive time after the first that Sora uses Restore Count, the amount of points he regains is cut by a half (13, 7, 3, 2, 1). As such, it's even more crucial to utilize Sora's defensive options this time around than ever. If Sora is close to level 99, his normal strikes should not be an issue.

Larxene (Data)[edit]

The battle against Larxene's Data Rematch will flow similarly to the battle against her Absent Silhouette. The only differences will be the amount of HP she has and the pattern in which she uses her attacks. Simply recall the strategy used in the Absent Silhouette battle and use the "Merge" Reaction Command if necessary. Sora also should be of a relatively high level, using spells such as Curaga and Reflega, as well as Drive Forms and a powerful Keyblade such as the Ultima Weapon. Defeating Larxene's Data Rematch will reward a Lost Illusion.

Roxas (Data)[edit]

When battle starts off, immediately use either Dodge Roll to avoid his opening Whirlwind Swing, or Guard, followed up with Counterguard to knock him off-balance, and unleash a combo before running away. Removing Explosion and Berserk Charge while adding in multiple Combo Pluses increase the amount of damage Sora can deal before Roxas retaliates. Now the attacks that come up are: Whirlwind Swing, Aerial Rotation, and Keyblade Combo. The key to dodging them and attacking Roxas is to glide around and wait for the Keyblade Combo. Nearing the end of his combo, land within range of his charge and be ready to guard. This once again leaves him open for attacking. After your combo, retreat and repeat.

In the second phase, at any point during the battle can his Quick Run activate Duel Stance. If you succeed, Sora will have three Keyblades, while Data Roxas is left with none. This forces him into "Spot Beam" mode. Limit Form's abilities, especially Sonic Blade, is recommended, as the extra Keyblades provide a boost in the already high damage output, and may also extend the time of this phase. Sooner or later, Roxas will get close to you and Recapture. Using the Reaction Command "Reversal" will leave him open for yet another combo, and the battle will either revert to the first phase, or move on to the third phase, depending on how much damage Sora dealt.

In the third phase, Magic Hour will come into play, and gliding around the arena is the most effective way of dodging the oncoming light orbs. Once finished, Roxas will now have a permanent attack boost, implementing light pillars into his normal moveset, and having added Dark Power into the mix. His combos become harder to dodge/guard against as the light pillars are unblockable without the use of Reflect magic, but simply repeating steps from the first phase is enough to carry the player through the rest of the battle.

Lingering Will[edit]

Can be accessed after you complete every world and beat the game. The fight is located at Mickey's Castle.

Guard can block most of his Keyblade related attacks. Use Dodge Roll to roll right into the cannon's blast. Usually after he's done attacking, there's a point where he's not invincible. Use a five-hit combo with no Guard Break but just Explosion three times. He will then counter attack with his gliding move or his whip attack. When his health gets to a certain point, he uses his Limit. Use Guard to block the first stage of his limit. On the second stage, Glide far away from him the best you can. On the third stage, right after he vanishes, lock-on and guard at the same time. Keep on guarding. When he's done attacking, attack him right away. Use 2 five-hit combos and then stop and repeat his Limit until you win.

An alternate, albeit cheap, strategy involves the use of Comet, Fenrir, and the removal of all Combo Plus, High Jump, and Aerial Dodge abilities. Start the battle off by stunning Lingering Will with Donald's Comet limit. Then, jump and attack. Surprisingly, Lingering Will does not have a way to break out of this combo. Continue the pattern, and as long as the combo continues, his health will go down faster, though be careful to avoid rocks, as moving into them will give him the opportunity to break out. In this case, use Comet to stun him again, and repeat until he's defeated.