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Necessary locations
  • Jungle: Medallion
  • 500 Lucre (optional)
  • AF "Sand Rose"
  • AF "Ancient Tablet"

Place the Medallion and upon entering the jungle you encounter three creatures conversing. Once they finish, the event will begin. Talk to Sotherbee and then proceed left. Once you leave that area, a text box appears with Sotherbee proclaiming "OH!!!". Return the way you came and he is chasing some creature. He offers you a reward if you catch it, however, the only option you are given is helping it (once you do it actually helps you navigate the jungle). To help the Lilipee, just stand in Sotherbee's way. Return left and talk to the Lilipee; he will guide you through the jungle. Don't enter an area before him, or you will lose him, and talk to him each time you enter a new area as well. In case you lose him or don't go back for him, follow these directions:

  • Upper Left
  • Left across the screen then bottom left

Here Skippie will say something about a secret. Walk as far left as you can to find it (past the treasure chest). Fight the enemies and a penguin will appear. She will cast a spell on you so you are prevented from getting lost (it really doesn't help).

Once out of this area follow:

  • Right
  • Right
  • Right

Here you find Hans. Follow him right and talk to him on the far right of the area. Hans will run off after Skippie tells him of a big animal. Go talk to Skippie and then proceed to the upper left. Here you find Roane (the penguin) and Rosiotte (a wisdom). Talk to Rosiotte and he will give you permission to hunt the Du'Cate. Leave the area and go find Skippie. He is:

  • Bottom right
  • Left

Talk to him and say "Work with him", and he will run off. Follow him to discover you were not quick enough to help. If he doesn't appear on the path you took, don't panic – just return to the previous screen and talk to him, and he will say "Lost him" and run back. Return to the original place you joined him. Instead of talking again, go:

  • Left

You will find Hans. Talk to him and choose to help him as well. Do the same as you did with Skippie here (follow him around). When you return to the original place you found Hans, this time he wont be there. Instead, proceed right, talk to Skippie and follow him right. He will talk and then Hans will show up and follow him. Follow them right across the screen and then go through the lower right entrance. From here go right until you reach The Spring of the Beast. This is the Boss area where you fight Du'Cate. After the battle you return to Sotherbee who gives you 500 lucre. You can choose to give it to Hans and Skippie, demand more, or keep it – either choice doesn't really matter. However, if you choose to give it to Skippie and Hans, you obviously receive 0 Lucre. You will receive AF "Sand Rose" and AF "Ancient Tablet" as well no matter what.