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Necessary locations
  • Domina: Colorblocks
  • Luon Highway: Wheel
  • Iron Pot
  • Greenball Bun
  • Tako Bug
  • AF "Flame"
  • AF "Medallion"

Enter Domina and head up on the map. Go to the upper left of the Center of Domina. Go straight and you will now be in the Marketplace. There will be a large cat-looking person here named Niccolo. Talk to him and he will ask you two questions. Answer "No" to the first and "Yes" to the second, and the event will begin.

After Niccolo joins your party he will say he needs to visit Teapo first. Teapo, a large white and blue creature, is located in the bottom left house in the Center of Domina(this is also an item shop if you enter the right door). Enter the left door and there is Teapo. Talk to her. At the end of the dialog Niccolo will give you the artifact to Luon Highway. Leave Domina and place the artifact.

Enter Luon Highway and follow these directions:

  • Right
  • Right (You will want to talk to the person on this screen for this is the only time you can talk to her on the highway, and this will open options for later.)
  • Upper right
  • Right
  • Right(this is a boss area)

You will now be in the area for the boss. Approach the Chobbins and they will demand money. You have the option to give them money or candy. Either option you choose will begin the Mantis Ant boss fight. Once you defeat him, Niccolo will give you some items and artifacts and the event will end.