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Necessary locations
  • Domina: Colorblocks
  • Luon Highway: Wheel
  • ForbiddenRing

After you have talked to Daena on the Luon Highway (during the Niccolo's Business Unusual event), she will appear in the Domina inn (located in the upper right of the first screen after the map). Once entering the inn, go into the first room on your right and Daena will be there. Talk to her and when you are given options to tell her, select either "I know" or "I don't know", then "It lives forever", and finally "Let's go". The Event will begin and Daena will join your party. Now you need to take her to see Gaeus.

To do so, enter the Luon Highway, you can choose to take the boink (the large pink striped thing near the entrance), meaning teleporting, but if you don't, follow these directions:

  • Right
  • Right
  • Lower Right
  • Right

(This is where the Boink teleports you, so if you chose to take the Boink, follow from here)

  • Right
  • Right

This is the location of Gaeus. In order to continue, you must converse with him. Simply walk up to him and he will talk with you and Daena. Select "Yes" to continue the conversation. Once it is over, leave the area and Daena will talk to you. She gives you the Forbidden Ring and the event ends. When equipped, you share your experience with the rest of your party, meaning anyone else in your party receives the same amount of experience you gathered during a battle. This is very helpful when you are leveling your pets.