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Necessary Locations
  • Ulkan Mines: Bottled Spirit
  • AF "Moon's Mirror"

Enter the Ulkan Mines and go right, then upper right and you will be in Watts' shop. Talk to Pokiehl and after he is finished talking the event begins. Leave the shop and follow these directions:

  • lower right
  • down stairs-lower left
  • across bridge-lower left
  • down stairs-lower right
  • at save statue-second entrance on upper left
  • left
  • left
  • left
  • down stairs-left (this is a boss area)

Here you will find Watts at the far left of the area. Talk to him until there is a rumble (it will take a few dialogs). The Labanne boss fight will automatically begin. After the fight talk to Watts again and select one of the options given. Watts will leave and you will appear back in his shop to listen to Pokiehl's story.