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The console is already enabled in the Mac OS version, and can be opened by pressing ~ or ` before entering a command. To enable it in the Windows version, right-click on the game's shortcut, select Properties and then add the following to the end of the Target field:

Target: "C:\..\MOHAA.exe" +set ui_console 1

After clicking Apply then OK, start the game and open the console, then enter cmdlist for a list of commands, only some of which are listed below:

Command Effect
coord Display current coordinates
gameversion Display game version
listinventory List inventory
Command Effect
kill Mission failed
restart Restart mission
toggle cg_3rd_person Toggle third person view

Enabling the console and cheats with the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault shortcut will also do so for the Spearhead and Breakthrough expansion packs (but not vice versa). The following can also be added to the end of the Target field to skip the intro and be taken directly to the Map Room (main menu):

Target: "C:\..\MOHAA.exe" +set cl_playintro 0


Command Unlock
seta g_m1l1 1 Mission 1: Lighting the Torch
seta g_m2l1 1 Mission 2: Scuttling the U-529
seta g_m3l1 1 Mission 3: Operation Overlord
Command Unlock
seta g_m4l1 1 Mission 4: Behind Enemy Lines
seta g_m5l1 1 Mission 5: The Day of the Tiger
seta g_m6l1 1 Mission 6: The Return to Schmerzen
Command Unlock
seta g_t1l1 1 Mission 1: Operation Overlord
seta g_t2l1 1 Mission 2: The Ardennes Forest
seta g_t3l1 1 Mission 3: Road to Berlin
Command Unlock
seta g_t1l1 1 Mission 1: Operation Torch
seta g_t2l1 1 Mission 2: Operation Husky
seta g_t3l1 1 Mission 3: Battle Mountain


You can simply enter maplist then select a map from the menu. Alternatively, enter spdevmap or simply map followed by a space then one of these codes:

Code Map
training Training/
m1l1 Rangers Lead the Way
m1l2a Rescue Mission
m1l2b Sabotage the Motorpool
m1l3a Desert Road
m1l3b Grounding the Airfield
m1l3c Lighthouse
m2l1 Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine
m2l2a Naxos Prototype
m2l2b Inside the U-529
m2l2c Cover Blown
m2l3 Escape from Trondheim
m3l1a Landing
m3l1b Inside the Bunker
m3l2 Battle in the Bocage
m3l3 Nebelwerfer Hunt
m4l1 Rendezvous with the Resistance
m4l2 Diverting the Enemy
Code Map
m4l3 Command Post
m5l1a Outskirts
m5l1b City Hall
m5l2a Destroyed Village
m5l2b Country Road
m5l3 Bridge
m6l1a Flak Guns
m6l1b Bunker Hill
m6l1c Sturmgewehr
m6l2a Communications Blackout
m6l2b Schmerzen Express
m6l3a Storming Fort Schmerzen
m6l3b Inner Facility
m6l3c Final Run
m6l3d Chemical Plant
m6l3e Conclusion
credits Credits
m4l0 m4l0
Code Map
t1l1 Normandy
t1l2 Lock and Load
t1l3 Hunt Begins
t2l1 Bastogne
t2l2 Top of the Mountain
t2l3 Under Attack
t2l4 Quiet Little Town
t3l1 Berlin
t3l2 Return
Code Map
e1l1 Battle of Kasserine Pass I
e1l2 Battle of Kasserine Pass II
e1l3 Bizerte Canal
e1l4 Bizerte Harbour
e2l1 Glider Landing
e2l2 Airfield at Caltagirone
e2l3 Gela
e3l1 Monte Cassino I
e3l2 Monte Cassino II
e3l3 Anzio
e3l4 Monte Battaglia


Command Medal
seta g_medal2 1 The Legion of Merit
seta g_medal4 1 Norwegian War Cross with Sword
seta g_medal5 1 American Campaign Medal
seta g_medal3 1 The Good Conduct Medal
seta g_medal1 1 Distinguished Service Medal
Command Medal
seta g_medal0 1 Army Commendation Medal
seta g_eogmedal2 1 Bronze Star
seta g_eogmedal1 1 Silver Star
seta g_eogmedal0 1 Distinguished Service Cross
Command Medal
seta g_medal3 1 France and Germany Star
seta g_medal4 1 Belgian Croix De Guerre
seta g_medal5 1 Medal For The Capture of Berlin
seta g_medal2 1 Bronze Star
seta g_medal1 1 Silver Star
seta g_medal0 1 Distinguished Cross
Command Medal
seta g_medalbt3 1 Africa Star
seta g_medalbt4 1 Distinguished Flying Cross
seta g_medalbt5 1 Air Medal
seta g_medalbt2 1 Bronze Star
seta g_medalbt1 1 Silver Star
seta g_medalbt0 1 Distinguished Cross


To enable the following console cheats in the Windows version, right-click on the game's shortcut, select Properties and then add the following to the end of the Target field:

Target: "C:\..\MOHAA.exe" +set developer 1 +set ui_console 1 +set cheats 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1

+set developer 1 can be omitted since patch 1.11. Click Apply then OK. To enable these cheats in the Mac OS version, hold down Shift just after opening Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (before it loads) and a small window will pop up, into whose Argument field the following should be entered:

Argument: +set cheats 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1

Alternatively, once the game has opened, open the console and enter set cheats 1 , set thereisnomonkey 1 and then killserver , then load game.

Command Effect
dog CHEAT: godmode ON/OFF
fullheal TESTING: You used the full heal.
wuss All weapons and maximum ammunition
Command Effect
noclip noclip ON/OFF (walk through walls)
notarget notarget ON/OFF (enemies ignore you)
tele x y z Teleport to coordinates x y z

You can simply enter wuss to get all weapons and maximum ammunition. Alternatively, enter spawn or give weapons/code.tik, where code is one of the following:

Code Weapon
colt45 Colt 45
p38 Walther P38
Hi-Standard Silenced
m1_garand M1 Garand
kar98 Mauser KAR 98K
springfield Springfield '03 Sniper
kar98sniper KAR98 - Sniper
thompsonsmg Thompson
Code Weapon
mp40 MP40
bar BAR
mp44 StG 44
m2frag_grenade Frag Grenade
steilhandgranate Stielhandgranate (code is a typo)
bazooka Bazooka
panzerschreck Panzerschreck
shotgun Shotgun