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These are the default controls. An Alternate can also be assigned for every Primary control, but none is by default. The mouse is normally used to turn and look around.

Action Primary
Primary Attack PC Mouse Left Click.png
Secondary Attack PC Mouse Right Click.png
Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Jump/Stand Up Space
Crouch Left Ctrl
Turn Left None
Turn Right None
Look Up None
Look Down None
Center View None
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Run/Walk Left Shift
Always-Run Toggle None
Use E
Reload R
Holster Weapon Q
Last Used Weapon None
Next Weapon PC Mouse Wheel Up.png
Prev Weapon PC Mouse Wheel Down.png
Pistol 1
Rifle 2
MG 4
Grenade 5
Heavy 6
Papers/Binoculars 7
Objectives/Scores Tab
QuickSave F5
Load QuickSave F9
DM Drop Weapon H
DM Select Team U
DM Select Primary Weapon P
DM Quick Message Y
DM Quick Team Message T

There are some differences between Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and its Spearhead and Breakthrough expansion packs:

Action Primary
Allied Assault Spearhead/Breakthrough
DM Voice Message Main DM Voice Main Menu V
DM Voice Message Squad DM Goal Messages None
DM Voice Message Commands DM Squad Commands None
DM Voice Message Responses DM Individual Commands None
DM Voice Message Taunts DM Statements/Responses None
DM Voice Message TeamTaunts DM Taunts None
DM Lean Left Lean Left Z
DM Lean Right Lean Right C

In the expansion packs you can always lean left or right, whereas in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault you can only do so in a multiplayer death match (DM).