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Mega Man 1 portrait Bomb Man.png

Bomb Man's stage occurs in a futuristic city with spherical structures on the skyline. The area includes enemies such as Sniper Joes, and spikes line some of the floors. Bomb Man was designed for land reclamation work. He and Guts Man were originally intended to work as a pair, with Guts Man functioning as a foreman. He can make various forms of explosives, all of which are deadly. Bombman is able to leap around the room and toss bombs at Mega Man that explode on impact.


Mega Man 1 Bomb Man map1.png
  • A: When you start by running to the right, the first enemies you will encounter are the Kamadoma. They hop up in the air and bounce around on the platforms. Clear them with one shot before proceeding.
  • B: You will come up to a series of shafts, out of which will fly Bombombombs. They are indestructible so don't bother shooting at them. Stand very close to the highest step, and you will be safe from the four bits of shrapnel that they expel. Then quickly jump up and over the gaps before the Bombombomb behind you detonates.
  • C: A couple of Screw Drivers protect the area before the climb to the level above. You can take them out with a few very fast shots, or try to ignore them completely. Just beyond the Screw Drivers are a large weapon capsule, and two small health capsules. Climb up the ladder at the end to proceed.
Mega Man 1 Bomb Man map2.png
  • D: You'll see a large health capsule in on alcove on the other side of the wall. If you want to collect it, it's advised that you shoot through the wall and destroy the four Blasters from the bottom to the top, and then climb down. Otherwise, time your climb up the ladder to avoid the shots from the Blasters.
  • E: The first Sniper Joe is waiting to ambush you here. He will jump out in front of you. He is only vulnerable to attack when he is shooting at you or when he is hopping up and down. He has a tendency to hold still if you stand there and fire at him, so move or jump around until he lets his guard down, then let him have it.
  • F: Instead of Bombombombs, you will not encounter a combination of Killer Bombs and Blasters. The Blasters wait on the left side of the pillars, and are easy to anticipate. The Killer Bombs, however, fly in a wave pattern and will appear non-stop. When one is destroyed, it detonates in a large explosion that can hurt Mega Man if he is caught in it. Likewise, he is vulnerable to falling through the gap and dying if he gets hit in mid-air. Remove the Killer Bombs carefully and time your jump over the gaps when it's safe.
  • G: As the Killer Bombs continue to appear, the platforms in this area are patrolled by Gabyoalls. They are vulnerable to the Rolling Cutter weapon, but if you don't have that yet, you'll have to simply leap over them when they rush towards you. Climb up the ladder to continue.
Mega Man 1 Bomb Man map3.png
Mega Man 1 Bomb Man map4.png
  • H: A single Killer Bomb will continuously float across the screen here. While it may be tempting to shoot at it, it reappears on the right, and is likely to collide with you while you climb up the ladder. It's best to leave it alone while you make your way up and over to the ladder on the left.
  • I: Normally a single Mambu (the flying cousins of Metalls) wouldn't represent too much of a threat. But when one appears near a series of small platforms over a bed of spikes, you need to take their presence seriously. Mambu is only vulnerable to destruction when its shell is open and its eyes are exposed. Unfortunately, that's the same time it shoots bullets in eight directions. Wait until it is safe to proceed, and make sure you have solid footing on any platform just before the Mambu stops and fires.
  • J: There is an extra life in this small chamber that you must push Right dpad to get into as you are falling from the ledge above. However, it is guarded jealously by a Sniper Joe. You can safely stand in the narrow entrance to the chamber and fire away, and Sniper Joe will jump into your bullets. Then collect the extra when he is defeated.
  • K: One final Sniper Joe stands between you and the entry-way to Bomb Man's room. He stands on the platform above you. You'll have to jump up and shoot at him with the hopes that he will fire back or jump up in the air at the same time. Clear him out of the way, and enter through the door behind him.
  • L: Unlike most of the hallways that lead to a boss, Bomb Man's hallway is a vertical plummet. There's two ways to get down to the bottom; the careful way and the fast way. The shaft is two screens long lined with Suzys. On each screen, there's two on the left, and two on the right, and the right ones cross over to the left side first. To get down the careful way, climb down the ladder, stopping to allow the Suzys to cross beneath you before proceeding down, or blasting them. If you have a lot of life (or little patience), you may opt for the fast way which involves leaping down the right side of the shaft. If your timing is lucky, you will fall past the right Suzys as they float to the left without getting hurt.

Bomb Man[edit]

Mega Man 1 boss Bomb Man.png
Mega Man 1 battle Bomb Man.png

As soon as the fight gets going, Bomb Man is likely to leap into the air and jump to another part of the room. He won't necessarily attempt to jump on you, but he is very likely to jump near your vicinity. When he lands, he will begin to chuck bombs at you. He tosses them in an arc, and they explode on contact with the floor. Even the explosion is dangerous, so you must run a safe distance away from the bombs in order to avoid taking damage. After tossing some bombs, he starts jumping towards you again. When Bomb Man is leaping through the air, or when you're not trying to escape bomb explosions, you should turn around and fire a few shots at him. When you defeat him, you will earn the Hyper Bomb weapon, which allows you to toss bombs of your own.