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Elec Man's stage takes place in an extremely tall tower that Mega Man must climb high into the sky. Electricity pours throughout the tower, and radiates outward in some very unfortunate locations in an effort to keep intruders away. Elec Man was designed to oversee and control atomic energy power plants. At the time of his creation, Elec Man was often hailed as Dr. Light's greatest creation and boasts superhuman calculation speed and razor-sharp judgment, as well as a physical agility that wouldn't be matched for some time. He's very conceited and egotistical, but's otherwise very responsible and competent. He can generate 500,000 volts of electricity through either arm.


Note you begin at the bottom of this stage, and must climb up to the top. The lowest portion of the stage where you begin is presented on the left. The next portion of the climb is presented on the right, and the remainder of the stage is shown below.

Part 1
  • A: You begin at the very bottom of the tower, and must begin jumping and climbing up to the top. You will be greeted by three Gabyoalls. They cannot be harmed by your Mega Buster, although they can be stunned. However, they can be destroyed by some special weapons like the Hyper Bomb or the Rolling Cutter. Use these weapons to clear the Gabyoalls out of the way if possible, or stun them if necessary, and jump up to the ladder. More Gabyoalls will be waiting for you on the screen above. There's a large health capsule here, and you can reach it by climbing down from a ladder on the screen above if you're really in need of energy. The screen above has two blocks which discharge electricity into the air. Time your jumps onto the blocks so as to avoid getting hit by the electricity.
  • B: When you reach this screen, you will be visited by a six Watchers. Three drop down from the upper left, and three rise up from the lower right. When the Watchers are about even with your height, they shoot bolts of electricity at you and quickly retreat. Your only true defense against this attack is to destroy them first before they can shoot at you. If you are hanging on to a ladder when you get hit, you'll get knocked off and have to scramble back to the ladder to resume your climb. The same arrangement of Watchers appear on the screen above.
  • C: A repeating pattern of four blocks appear and disappear on this screen. You must jump up from the single block to an appearing block directly above it, just before the block appear. From there, you must decide to go left or right. Go left if you're desperate for weapon energy, but know that it's difficult to proceed from that direction and you will likely fall back down here. Go right for the easier path to climb higher. On the screen above, four more blocks will appear and make a temporary bridge from the right side to the ladder in the middle. Ignore the large health capsule at the top of this section as you are more likely to die if you try to collect it.
  • D: After jumping along the arrangement of single blocks, you must choose between the left path and the right path. Another group of Watchers will appear to pressure you during your decision, making the left path very dangerous until the Watchers disappear. If you take the left path, the screen above has a set of Gabyoalls to contend with. The right path pits you against a pair of electricity blocks which you simply time your way past as you climb up the ladder. One more screen higher, another set of Watchers will appear.
  • E: You will be able to see an interesting item buried in the building to the right. This is the Magnet Beam, a very useful item that will come in handy when you assail Dr. Wily's fortress. If you have the correct ability, you can collect the item now. If not, you'll have to return to this stage and grab it once you possess the ability to free it. For the secret to retrieving the Magnet Beam, read the spoiler below.
  • F: From this point, you will have to choose between left and right again. This time, the right path is only slightly easier than the left path since there are only three electricity beams to worry about. However, your chance to proceed from the right path will be cut off unless you were able to collect the Magnet Beam from below. If you did, you'll have to use Guts Man's Super Arm to remove the block, and then use the Magnet Beam to make a small step for yourself. If you don't have the Magnet Beam, you'll have no choice but to take the left path and deal with the Gabyoalls and the electricity beams along the way.
Part 2
Mega Man 1 Elec Man map1.png Mega Man 1 Elec Man map2.png
Part 3
  • G: After hopping along the blocks to reach the next ladder, you'll have to deal with two electricity beams. They are easy to overcome, especially compared to the challenge that's waiting for you up above. Just before the entrance to the tunnel that leads to Elec Man's lair is a hopping Big Eye. There's very little room for you to stand and attack it before it lands on you, so you must choose one of two strategies to make it to the door unscathed. One is to wait at the bottom of the ladder and hope that not only will the Big Eye jump off the roof, but that he'll also miss hitting you on the way down. This is a risky tactic, but no more riskier than the alternative, which is to climb up to the roof, stand just to the left of him, and hope that he makes a high jump that you can run beneath. Once you succeed in getting past him, don't hesitate and run through the door.
  • H: Elec Man is one of two bosses who have an unusual approach to their room. As if you haven't climbed enough, Elec Man's tunnel forces you to climb ever higher, and get past a series of electricity beams. Remember that the beams fire at regular intervals. Climb up just high enough so that you are below the closest beam, wait for it to fire, and scramble up the ladder until you are just below the next beam. Repeat this process and you will safely make it past all six beams and arrive at Elec Man's chamber.
Part 4
Mega Man 1 Elec Man map3.png Mega Man 1 Elec Man map4.png

Elec Man[edit]

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Mega Man 1 battle Elec Man.png

Elec Man's conceitedness is understandable. He is one of the fastest robots around, and his attack is extremely lethal to robots and humans alike. In order to defeat him, you're going to have to be just as fast and be prepared for sudden attacks. Elec Man will jump around the room and fire bursts of electricity at you. Unlike the electricity beams, his attacks move quite wildly through the air, making them a rather large target to avoid. Unlike Cut Man, where standing on the blocks in the room put you at a disadvantage, standing on the blocks in Elec Man's room can actually come in handy. You are more likely to hit Elec Man since he likes to jump around, and the added height can help you safely leap over the electric attacks that he throws at you. Of course, nothing is better than coming prepared with the proper weapon to which Elec Man is weakest. He is one of the most difficult bosses to beat with the ordinary Mega Buster. If you do manage to beat him, you will get his powerful Thunder Beam ability.