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Recurring enemies[edit]

These enemies can be encountered in two or more stages. Sorted by score.

Blaster Gabyoall
Mega Man 1 enemy Blaster.gif
Mega Man 1 artwork Blaster.jpg
Score: 200 points
Stages: Cut Man, Bomb Man, Dr. Wily 2
Also known as: Beak
Description: A low-level intelligence robot, they are designed for purposes of security. They detect intruders, open their protective shield, and fire in four directions before closing the shield. They are only vulnerable to attack when the shield is open.
Mega Man 1 enemy Gabyoall.gif
Mega Man 1 artwork Gabyoall.jpg
Score: 200 points
Stages: Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, Elec Man
Also known as: Spine
Description: These enemies move faster when they detect that Mega Man is close by. They cannot be destroyed by Mega Buster, only stunned, but they can be destroyed by other weapons.
Kamadoma Suzy
Mega Man 1 enemy Kamadoma.png
Mega Man 1 artwork Kamadoma.jpg
Score: 300 points
Stages: Cut Man, Bomb Man, Dr. Wily 1
Also known as: Flea
Description: These small enemies hop around and try to get in Mega Man's way.
Mega Man 1 enemy Suzy.gif
Mega Man 1 artwork Suzy.jpg
Score: 300 points
Stages: Cut Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Dr. Wily 2-3
Also known as: Octopus Battery
Description: These enemies will either move to the left and right, or up and down, pausing briefly when they hit a wall, floor, or ceiling.
Screw Driver Bunby Heli
Mega Man 1 enemy Screw Driver.gif
Mega Man 1 artwork Screw Driver.jpg
Score: 500 points
Stages: Cut Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, Dr. Wily 2-3-4
Also known as: Screw Bomber
Description: They are mounted on the floors and ceilings. They extend when Mega Man comes close, and shoot bullets in five directions.
Mega Man 1 enemy Bunby Heli.gif
Mega Man 1 artwork Bunby Heli.jpg
Score: 500 points
Stages: Cut Man, Guts Man, Elec Man, Dr. Wily 2
Also known as: Blader
Description: Bunby Helis are another type of security system designed to counter theft or runaways. When they are on the scene they relentlessly pursue their target until it is neutralized. They are highly vulnerable to attack.
Killer Bomb Mambu
Mega Man 1 enemy Killer Bomb.png
Mega Man 1 artwork Killer Bomb.jpg
Score: 800 points
Stages: Bomb Man, Fire Man, Dr. Wily 1-3
Also known as: Killer Bullet
Description: They fly from right to left in a wave pattern. When destroyed, they create a large explosion that can harm Mega Man.
Mega Man 1 artwork Manbo.jpg
Score: 800 points
Stages: Cut Man, Bomb Man
Also known as: Flying Shell
Description: A variant of Metalls, Mambus are capable of flying and firing in eight directions. They are safe from harm in their protective shell. However, in order to fire, they must stop moving and open their shell to see outside. Only then can they be destroyed.
Big Eye
Mega Man 1 enemy Big Eye.png
Mega Man 1 artwork Big Eye.jpg
Score: 10000 points
Stages: Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Elec Man, Dr. Wily 1
Description: Big Eyes were reprogrammed by Dr. Wily and assigned as guards to several of the Robot Master's lairs. They can take a tremendous amount of damage before going down, and can kill Mega Man in three hits. They jump to get around, sometimes in small hops and sometimes in large leaps that Mega Man can run under.

Stage-specific enemies[edit]

Each of these enemies can be encountered in one stage only. Some of them are encountered again in Dr. Wily's Laboratory. Sorted by score.

Changkey Metall
Mega Man 1 enemy Changkey.gif
Mega Man 1 artwork Changkey.jpg
Score: 200 points
Stages: Fire Man
Also known as: Tackle Fire
Description: These robots ordinarily travel along the flow of lava to ensure that it remains out of harm's way. However, they attempt to ambush Mega Man as he travels above them in packs of threes. Invulnerable when they fly up, they can only be destroyed when the float down.
Mega Man 1 enemy Metall.gif
Mega Man 1 artwork Metall.jpg
Score: 500 points
Stages: Guts Man
Also known as: Met
Description: Metalls are designed to withstand the hazardous and dangerous environments created by Guts Man's demolitions. They possess a helmet big enough to protect them from any falling debris. Nothing can harm them while they remain inside their helmet, but they must lift it up far enough to look out and attack by firing in three directions. That is Mega Man's chance to knock them out.
Crazy Razy Pepe
Mega Man 1 enemy Crazy Razy.gif
Mega Man 1 artwork Crazy Razy.jpg
Score: 500 points
Stages: Ice Man
Description: Crazy Razys are composed of two parts, split at the waist. The head controls the entire body, and if shot will destroy both parts, but if the legs are shot instead, the head will fly away and attack Mega Man separately.
Mega Man 1 enemy Pepe.gif
Mega Man 1 artwork Pepe.jpg
Score: 500 points
Stages: Ice Man, Dr. Wily 3
Also known as: Peng
Description: Pepes were created to help Ice Man assimilate in the antarctic, and collect data about natural wild life by blending in with penguins. They possess the ability to fly about in waves much like Killer Bombs.
Watcher Picket Man
Mega Man 1 enemy Watcher.png
Mega Man 1 artwork Watcher.jpg
Score: 800 points
Stages: Elec Man, Dr. Wily 4
Description: Watchers travel in packs of threes, dropping down from the top of the screen, or rising up from the bottom. When they extend their eyes, they shoot out electricity.
Mega Man 1 enemy Picket Man.gif
Mega Man 1 artwork Pickelman.jpg
Score: 1500 points
Stages: Guts Man
Description: Ordinarily part of Guts Man's demolition crew, they carry a supply of pick axes with them wherever they go. Under Guts Man's orders, they now throw those pick axes at intruders. They have a strong shield for defense.
Sniper Joe
Mega Man 1 enemy Sniper Joe.gif
Mega Man 1 artwork Sniper Joe.jpg
Score: 5000 points
Stages: Bomb Man
Description: As a basic anti-riot robot, they contain a thick defense, and cannot be harmed when standing in a resting position. They are only vulnerable to attack when they decide to jump up, or return fire.

Undestructible obstacles[edit]

These enemies cannot be destroyed. The only way to deal with them is to dodge their attacks.

Super Cutter Foot Holder
Mega Man 1 enemy Super Cutter.gif
Score: 0
Stages: Cut Man
Description: Non-sentient, these indestructable scissor blades fly out of the dispensers as they are manufactured.
Mega Man 1 enemy Foot Holder.gif
Mega Man 1 artwork Foot Holder.jpg
Score: 0
Stages: Ice Man, Dr. Wily 1
Description: These robots were designed to help people reach difficult locations by serving as floating platforms. Dr. Wily implemented guns into their design, and now they potentially help and harm those who try to utilize them.
Mega Man 1 enemy Bombombomb.png
Mega Man 1 artwork Bombombomb.jpg
Score: 0
Stages: Bomb Man, Dr. Wily 2
Also known as: Bombomb
Description: Another non-sentient machine, they have only one purpose: fly up to a designated altitude and explode. When they do, they break apart into four small bombs which spread out. They are invulnerable to all forms of attack and cannot by destroyed (by anything besides themselves).