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Main cast[edit]

Rock (a.k.a. Mega Man)[edit]

After spending many years researching and suffering repeated failures, Rock was Dr. Light's first success at creating a robot who could live in harmony with humans. After completing Rock, Dr. Light kept him close by as a domestic helper to carefully monitor Rock's functions, but over time, Dr. Light came to love Rock as a real son. Usually Rock spends his day assisting Dr. Light in his research or helping Roll with her daily chores. Rock is a peace-loving robot, and can at times be described as being too kind. But he also fosters a strong sense of justice, and it is this knowledge of the difference between right and wrong that leads him to ask for modifications to his system. It was his hope that he would be able to stop the rampaging robots with Dr. Light's new combat modifications. The modifications were a success, and Rock was reborn as Mega Man, the combat robot. Mega Man's body is made of light ceramic chitin, his legs contain air boosters, and the unique weapon known as the Mega Buster in his arm is able to scan and replicate the weapons of other robots. Mega Man's most valuable asset, the Weapon Change System, is easily one of Dr. Light's greatest accomplishments. Even a century later, in 21XX A.D., scientists still would not be able to replicate anything close to the Mega Buster for common use.


Dr. Light's second domestic helper robot. Since Rock was created with the form of a boy, Roll was created with the form of a girl. Dr. Light has spent his life trying to convince people to see robots as friends and peers as opposed to mere pets. In order to accomplish this goal, Dr. Light decided it may help people adjust to having robots in their daily lives if the robots helped out with daily chores the way human children did. This reasoning was why he chose to develop Rock and Roll as domestic helper robots. Roll takes care of the day to day chores around Dr. Light's house, and she will often get Rock to help her. Roll is like a little sister to Rock.

Dr. Light[edit]

In the year 20XX AD, Dr. Light laid down the foundation for modern robotic sciences, earning himself the title "Father of Modern Robotics." After graduating at the top of his class from the Robot Institute of Technology, Dr. Light overcame countless trials and tribulations before successfully creating the first functional humanoid robot. His strong sense of responsibility is most likely rooted in the fact that he was the first person to produce a "robot with a soul." Having won the RIT Manual Design Contest four years in a row, Dr. Light has also earned many other awards, including the World Engineer Gold Medal, and the Nobel Physics Prize. His hobbies include playing computer games at home.

Dr. Wily[edit]

Former schoolmates, Dr. Wily and Dr. Light acknowledge each other as rivals. In some ways, it can be said that Dr. Wily is in fact smarter than Dr. Light, but his unique and altogether unusual ideas had always bewildered their school teachers. Due to this lack of understanding from his teachers, Dr. Wily had always been forced to endure the shame and unbearable pain of being second best. For Dr. Wily, who is very prideful, being confined to second place under Dr. Light was more than a little insulting. Over the years, he came to hate the humans who did not seem capable of understanding his true genius, and this led to his obsession with robots. Dr. Wily has come in second place at the RIT Manual Design Contest for four years in a row, was presented with the World Engineer Silver Medal, and was nominated for the Nobel Physics Prize. His favorite pastime is table tennis.

Robot Masters[edit]

Cut Man[edit]

The first industrial robot created by Dr. Light. Taking into consideration the fact that he would mostly be working outdoors, Cut Man was designed to withstand any type of weather. Cut Man's cutter is made of Ceramic Chitin, a very special material that boasts high durability as well as a resistance to rust and varying temperatures. There are anti-slip surfaces on his hands which allow him to catch his Rolling Cutter as it returns to him. Cut Man's high mobility is balanced out by his weakness to strong physical impacts. Though his main purpose is to harvest wood, he is also capable of processing lumber. A little hot-headed at times, Cut Man is not the most logical robot out there, but his intentions are good and pure.

Guts Man[edit]

Guts Man, who was designed to form and develop the land, was given superhuman strength to perform his duties. A lot of time was spent reinforcing Guts Man's joints so that they could withstand the strain of constant heavy lifting. Covering his entire outer shell with Ceramic Chitin resulted in a larger physical form, but since he was expected to be working under only the safest of circumstances, less attention was paid to reinforcing the sensitive electronics contained within his body, and they are vulnerable to heavy impacts like those from explosives. Despite his extreme strength, Guts Man has a kind and gentle personality.

Ice Man[edit]

Ice Man was originally created to scout the continent of Antarctica, but having finished his mission there, Ice Man returned and is now working in a large cold storage warehouse. In order to function in harsh environments and extremely cold temperatures, Ice Man's internal circuits are made up of the smallest components available. These small components allow Ice Man to function with the least amount of energy possible, and they are the reason for his physical form being smaller than usual. The only disadvantage of using these smaller components is their hyper-conductivity, and a strong electrical surge will easily incapacitate him. Despite his small stature, Ice Man is quite effective in combat.

Bomb Man[edit]

Bomb Man was created for land development purposes just like Guts Man, and is equipped with demolition explosives called Hyper Bombs. The range of a Hyper Bomb's explosion can be adjusted via its settings. In order to avoid any unnecessary damage and related inconvenience outside its destination target range, micro bombs detonating around the area of explosion are used to contain the shockwave from the blast of a Hyper Bomb. Through Dr. Light's ingenuity, explosive blasts became something that could be controlled like never before. Bomb Man is not a complex robot by any means, and enjoys big, flashy things like fireworks.

Fire Man[edit]

Fire Man uses his flames to burn away the world's waste, which is piling up on a daily basis. He is in charge of the worker robots who take care of the more simple tasks at the waste management facility, and he also performs many of the waste management duties himself. Fire Man's Fire Storm burns at 7000 to 8000 degrees Celsius, and it is capable of burning through just about anything. His body is covered with a fireproof material and his internal components are also heat resistant. The metal components of Fire Man's body are used to launch his flames. His personality is better described as a quietly burning flame, rather than a chaotic and rampant wildfire.

Elec Man[edit]

Elec Man was created to control the flor of power at the nuclear power plant. Due to the dangerous nature of his intended work environment, Elec Man was given improved decision-making ability as well as faster movement speeds. The power generator contained within his body produces high-frequency electricity, which ionizes the high-frequency electromagnetic field surrounding him. By gathering the electricity inside his body at his fingertips, Elec Man is able to release it as a Thunder Beam. Elec Man had always been a dutiful worker, but after being forced into battle against Mega Man, Elec Man realized that he rather enjoyed combat. Will Elec Man be able to find fulfillment in his life after returning to his uneventful days as an industrial robot?