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Your transceiver can pick up a wide range of frequencies, but only a few of them are actually of use to you throughout the game. The following is a table of people you can contact, and what frequency they can be reached on. Note that once you reach building 2 and beyond in the game, your contacts will change their frequencies.

Contact Before building 2 After building 2
Big Boss 120.85 120.13
Resistance Leader Kyle Schneider 120.79 120.26
Resistance Member Diane 120.33 120.91
Resistance Member Jennifer - 120.48 (only with 4 stars)

Cheat codes[edit]

The following are a set of codes that you can enter that allow you to cheat by advancing your rank, increasing capacity limits, or giving you items early on. To enter these codes, you must pause the game with the F1 key, type the codes on the keyboard exactly as indicated (spaces and all), and unpause the game with the F1 key.

Code Description
DS 4 Advances Snake to the next available class.
ANTA WA ERAI Immediately advance Snake to four star class. "Anta wa erai" translates to "You are great."
INTRUDER Permit Snake to possess up to 999 units of ammunition (you must have at least one unit of ammo first.)
ISOLATION Permit Snake to possess up to 99 rations (you must have at least one ration first.)
HIRAKE GOMA Snake will immediately possess all eight access cards. "Hirake Goma" is the Japanese translation of "Open sesame."