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There are 12 Chozo artifacts spread throughout Tallon IV. These artifacts must be collected in order for Samus to gain entry to the final area. See the Chozo Artifacts page in the walkthrough for detailed information on obtaining them.

Artifact Area Room
Truth Tallon Overworld Artifact Temple
Strength Magmoor Caverns Warrior Shrine
Elder Phendrana Drifts Control Tower
Wild Chozo Ruins Sunchamber
Lifegiver Chozo Ruins Tower Chamber
Chozo Tallon Overworld Life Grove
World Chozo Ruins Hall of Elders
Nature Magmoor Caverns Lava Lakes
Sun Phendrana Drifts Chozo Ice Temple
Spirit Phendrana Drifts Phendrana's Edge
Warrior Phazon Mines Elite Research
Newborn Phazon Mines Phazon Mining Tunnel