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Samus has four visors to enhance vision. These are incorporated into her helmet. Use Neutral dpad to change visors; icons located in the lower left corner show the visor for each direction. All visors except the Scan visor display the following information.

  • Highlight possible target. You can lock on to a target using L button.
  • Environmental threat warning. This warns you of dangers such as fire, poison, and radiation. When the gauge reaches maximum your suit is no longer able to protect you and you start losing energy.
  • Energy reserve. The amount of energy stored in your suit. Since your suit requires energy for life support, you get a Game Over if energy reaches 0.
  • Missile supply. The number of missiles you have available.
  • Current beam. Show which beam weapon is current selected for your Arm Cannon.
Name Description
Combat Visor This is the default visor and has features to enhance your combat capabilities. This includes a radar system to locate enemies in the upper left corner, and a small map of the room in the upper right corner. Samus has this visor from the start.
Scan Visor Allows Samus to gather information on creatures and objects, but prevents the use of weapons. Pressing the attack button will automatically revert back to the Combat Visor. The Scan visor also has the ability to hack alien technology, so it can be used to activate certain machines. Scannable objects are marked by an orange square, and mission critical scans are marked by a red square. The squares are dimmed if the object has already been scanned. Many scans are are noted in Samus' Log Book for future reference, and certain bonus features are enabled when enough Log Book entries have been found. Samus also has this visor from the start.
X-Ray Visor It gives Samus the ability to see in the X-ray spectrum, allowing her to see otherwise invisible creatures and objects. It limits the range of vision however and only the shapes of objects can be seen. Note, not all invisible enemies can be detected with this visor. This visor can be obtained after getting the Power Bomb.
Thermal Visor It allows Samus to see in the infra-red spectrum, letting her see enemies and power conduits that she cannot see in normal human vision. Warm objects stand out in yellow and orange, while cool objects are purple and black. This is extremely useful on invisible enemies, or in areas of exceptionally poor light. It's not useful in areas of high heat or for seeing enemies which lack body heat. This visor can be obtained after getting the Wave Beam.