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The Arm Cannon is capable of firing four types of beams in the main part of the game, and a fifth type in the final battle.

Name Description
Power Beam The Power Beam is the default beam you get at the beginning of the game and is your only weapon when you land on Tallon IV. It has the highest rate of fire of all the beams, but is also the weakest. Some enemies are immune to other forms of energy though, so this is the only weapon you can use against them.

The Charge Combo is the Super Missile which is an extremely powerful Missile, required to break certain walls.

Wave Beam You get the Wave Beam after obtaining the Space Jump Boots. It fires three waves of energy which deal electrical damage to enemies. Its charged shot usually stuns stronger enemies for a short period of time. While its individual shots are more powerful than Power Beam shots, it has a lower rate of fire. Mechanical and water dwelling enemies are weak to the Wave Beam.

It's secondary uses are to open purple doors and re-energize power conduits (required to open doors with lost power).

The Charge Combo for this weapon is the Wavebuster which automatically locks on to enemies but requires the largest number of Missiles to activate and continue using.

Ice Beam You get the Ice Beam after obtaining the Spider Ball. It fires blasts of ice which deal cold-based damage to enemies. Weaker enemies are destroyed in a singe shot while others may be frozen in place and easily shattered by explosive force. Its individual blasts are more powerful than Power or Wave Beam shots, but they move slowly and some enemies may dodge them. The relatively slow rate of fire can make this weapon somewhat unwieldy as well. Certain enemies, such as Magmoors and Metroids, are weak to the Ice Beam.

It's secondary use is to open white doors.

The Charge Combo is the Ice Spreader which spreads ice over a wide area.

Plasma Beam You get the Plasma Beam after obtaining the X-Ray Visor. It fires a short range blast of fire that deals heat-based damage to enemies. It sets some enemies on fire to deal damage over time. The individual blasts are the most powerful of the four beams available in the main part of the game. It's drawbacks are that it cannot home in on targets and it has a short range. Ice based enemies, such as most of the creatures in Phendrana Drifts, are weak to the Plasma Beam.

It's secondary uses are to open red doors and melt barriers made of ice.

The Charge Combo for this weapon is the Flame-Thrower which which shoots a stream of flame, but uses Missiles quickly.

Phazon Beam This beam can only be used during the final boss battle. When standing in pools of liquid Phazon, Samus can fire a powerful Phazon-based stream similar to the Wavebuster at Metroid Prime. Samus receives this item along with the Phazon Suit. This weapon cannot be charged.