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Recommended order:

  1. Enter Room A and collect 16 coins and music box.
  2. Enter Room B and purchase the Medicine.
  3. Enter Room C, purchase Shoes, and collect honeycomb and music box.
  4. Return to Room A and collect the honeycomb and honeybee to prepare for the first boss fight.
  5. Enter Room D and defeat the boss to access the second floor.

Room A[edit]

Click this map for a larger view
  • Money: $16
  • Enemies: Slime Eyes, Tanbos, Mauris, Camries
  • Shops: Shoes - $16

The first thing that will get your attention is the large cache of money tiles in the upper left corner. You will not be able to collect any of them until you can access the third floor. Instead, collect the 16 money tiles that are available throughout the room, most of which are hidden in the upper right hand corner.

To access the shop, you must shoot the tiles on either side of where the door should be, collect the money, and push the center block in any direction until it moves. Then shoot the location where the block was to make the shop door appear. However, you shouldn't purchase the shoes here, as they can be purchased for $6 cheaper in Room C.

The key will appear in one of three places, as indicated by the map. Don't miss the music box just left of the shop door. While you can collect the honeycomb in the lower left corner at any time, it is recommended that you wait until just before your fight the first boss.

Room B[edit]

Purchase the Medicine here

In this shop, you can use the money you collected in Room A to purchase the Medicine for $5, which is required to complete the game. You can read the hints for free at any time.

Room C[edit]

Click this map for a larger view
  • Money: $27
  • Enemies: Hard Tarus, Rubides, Beats, Paumerus
  • Shops: Shoes - $10, Lamp - $50

This room is divided into three sections; the left portion, the center column, and the right portion. You start in the lower left corner of the room, and must progress to the top. It is easy to reach the top if you already purchased the shoes. However, if you are waiting to purchase the cheaper shoes from the hidden shop on the top level, then it will be a little more challenging to reach. You must shoot out blocks along the center column of the room that will allow you to jump up to the top level. You will find the shop by shooting either side of the block next to the center column, and pushing the block to either side. Shoot the space to make the shop door appear and purchase the cheaper shoes.

After you work your way down the center of the room, there is a large number of blocks that can be destroyed along the bottom of the staircase. The exit key can be found at the end of the tunnel that you create. A cache of six money tiles can also be collected, but it's easier to reach them if you first turn small by hitting the green boxing glove at the top (assuming you bought the medicine) and return without shooting the lowest row of blocks.

The honeycomb and music box are near the top of the right half of the room, below the green boxing glove. Another cache of 15 money tiles can be collected by destroying the blocks to the right of the boxing glove, but you need to become small to access them. There is a shop entrance along the right wall, but it contains a very overpriced lamp, which you can get for much cheaper on the second floor. To return to the bottom of the room, push the one undestroyable block aside and you will fall through the floor.

Room D[edit]

Defeat Homa for a crystal

This is where you will fight the boss Homa. He is the weakest of all the bosses, but he is by no means easy to defeat, especially when you have so few enhancements. To make this fight easier, it is recommended that you wait to collect the honeycomb in Room A to increase and refill your health just before the fight, and then locate and capture the honeybee so that you are afforded two extra hits thanks to the barrier. If you collect a heart before you leave, the barrier will improve and block four hits. You must hit the head of Homa 14 times in order to claim the first crystal, which grants you the ability to continue your game should you ever run out of health.

Room E[edit]

You will be unable to access this hidden shop behind the wall until you have obtained the hammer after visiting the well. Once you have the hammer, you can poke a hole in the wall to gain access to this shop, where you will be given the saw for free. The saw is necessary to access the final boss of the second floor.