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NES Game Boy Control
Left dpad or Right dpad Left dpad or Right dpad Push left or right to make Milon run in either direction. At first, Milon will walk slowly in the desired direction. The longer a direction is held down, the more Milon will accelerate until he is moving at a full run.
Up dpad Up dpad Push Up in front of a door, window, or even certain walls to enter them.
A button A button Press the A button to jump. The longer you hold A the higher Milon will jump. When you have collected the Blimp item, you can hold A to float as you fall down.
B button B button Press the B button to fire a magic bubble. Bubble ordinarily travel at a slight upward angle, and are used to attack enemies or destroy certain blocks.
Down dpad+B button Down dpad+B button Hold down while pressing the B button to make Milon fire a bubble in a downward direction.
Start button Start button Press Start to begin a new game, or to pause the action mid-game.
Left dpad+Start button N/A If you have collected the first crystal from the first boss, you can continue you game by holding left while you press Start after your game is over.
N/A Select button Press to select mode in the title to select ether "Game Start" or "Password". (When you collect the first crystal, "Password" is replaced with "Continue" after you get a Game Over!") The select key is also used to show gamers the items and crystal that Milon has collected.

Note that Select button is not used in the NES version.


MSC Milon Large.png
MSC Milon Small.png

Milon is the hero of the game. Milon can run and jump, as well as shoot bubbles at his enemies. Milon has a health bar, and must avoid making contact with any enemies and their projectiles, or Milon will begin to lose health. If Milon loses all of his health, the game will end.

Milon appears small when wandering around the outside of the map (as shown to the right), and he appears a little bigger when running around the inside of the castle (as shown to the left). But if Milon purchases the Medicine, he can be made small by getting hit with the green boxing glove found in certain rooms. This will allow him to explore hidden areas of the castle. He will become big again whenever he reenters a room.

When Milon starts moving in a direction, he begins slowly and gradually picks up speed until he is moving at a full run. Milon can jump a pretty good height, but he can enhance this height by buying regular shoes and standing on spring blocks, or by buying Super Shoes, which allow him to jump high everywhere. Additionally, if Milon purchases a Blimp, he can hove on his way back down to the ground by holding the jump button.

Milon normally fires his bubbles at a slight upward angle. You can instruct Milon to fire downward by holding the direction pad down as you shoot. Throughout the game, the crystal balls that you collect help enhance Milon's bubble shooting ability by extending the range of the bubbles, increasing their size, and allowing for more rapid fire ability without the need to collect Parasols. But the one item that truly increases the bubble's strength is the Excalibur, which doubles the damage it deals.

Milon must progress from the bottom of Castle Garland all the way up to the top where the Princess is held captive by Maharito. To do this, he must collect the power-up items that are necessary to encounter the boss that guards the access to the next floor. By searching each room in the castle, Milon will stumble upon items that will extend his exploration capabilities. Milon's quest will only come to an end when he faces and defeats the real Maharito.