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Room P[edit]

Milon's final challenge will take place at the top of the castle in this final room. The last room actually consists of four nearly identical rooms, each with a different background color. The color is inconsequential other than to identify the fact that you have moved to a different room.

The trick in this room is to locate and defeat Maharito (called the Evil Warlord in the instruction manual), the one who is keeping Hudson land imprisoned. The problem is, there is a Maharito in each of the four rooms, and only one is the right one. The other three transform into a Crow after you hit it enough times. The room that the correct Maharito is in is random and changes every game. However, it will not change within the same game.

Your strategy should be to avoid the Crows that roam throughout the room as much as possible and attempt to reach the Maharito of the room near the top as quickly as possible. Shoot it enough until you determine if it is real or fake. If it is real, destroy it. If it is fake, note which room you checked, and monitor your health. If your health is too low to continue, leave the castle, and visit room I to pay $15 to restore your health. Then return to the fourth floor and try a room that you haven't yet tried.

Note that some rooms contain a boxing glove while others do not. Becoming small can work to your advantage since it minimizes your surface area. Also note that the only other difference between each room is the location of the honeybee that can provide you with a defensive barrier. This will surely help you in your duel against Maharito.

Maharito, real or fake, can only be damaged when his arms are wide open. He is invulnerable to attack when he closes his cloak, so you must wait until he opens his arms again. He is only able to throw projectiles at you when his arms are open. Once you discover the real Maharito, continue to attack him until he is defeated. Then you will rescue the princess and save Hudson Land.

Beyond the princess[edit]

After you rescue the princess, the game will allow you to start a new game at a harder difficulty level. At this level, enemies are more aggressive and fire more frequently. Parasols and Balloons rise to the ceiling much faster, making them harder to collect. If you beat the game at this difficulty, it will not get any harder than this. If you beat the game a few more times in a row (the number depends on the game region), you will receive a short special message.

GameBoy Ending[edit]

In the GameBoy version of the game, As Milon saved the princess and not only that, he marries the princess. Also, the ending credit is shown.