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MSC Map Floor2.png

Recommended order:

  1. Enter Room F and collect honeycomb and music box.
  2. Enter Room G and collect honeycomb and music box. Receive $10 from one shop, and purchase the Vest from the other.
  3. Enter the Well. Collect the honeycomb from the Well 2, and from the Room of Fire.
  4. Find and enter the boss entrance in the Room of Fire. Beat the boss and collect the hammer.
  5. Destroy a Medamaruge and collect a Balloon to escape the well.
  6. Enter Room E on Floor 1 and collect the saw.
  7. Enter Room H and defeat the boss to access the third floor.

Room F[edit]

Click this map for a larger view
  • Money: $15
  • Enemies: Mauris, Slime Eyes, Beats
  • Shops: Lamp - $15

This room is designed in such a way that you must travel all the way around the outside of the room before you are given access to the inner portion. You start by traveling down the left side. Collect the cache of four money tiles from the lower left corner. Cross along the bottom floor until you reach the spring that can boost you up along the right side.

Climb up the right side, and blast away the column in the bricks that prevents you from climbing further to the top. Run along the top floor, and destroy the wall on the left. You are standing close to the exit, which is in the left corner. You are also right near the hidden music box. Drop down until you are above your starting location, but don't stand on the tile next to the wall, unless you happen to see the key there (which is rare). Move right and begin dropping down the tiles until you can blast away the wall to your right. Continue to the right, staying away from the tiles, or you will drop to the lower level.

Once you climb up the narrow channel of blocks, you can make your way left again. If you fire bubbles, you should discover a shop where you can purchase the much more reasonably priced lamp. Collect it and drop inside the inner chamber. In here, you can find the honeycomb, a cache of 7 money tiles, and the key in most cases. If it is not here, it can also be found back at the starting point.

Room G[edit]

Click this map for a larger view
  • Money: $18
  • Enemies: Paumerus, Gerubos, Katchinsha, Safumas
  • Shops: Collect $10, Vest - $25

This room is divided into two sections, with one section on the very bottom of the room. The blocks in the lower section spell out the word "hudson". You can blast away the top of the h and the d to reveal money, and you can destroy the bottom blocks in the n to reveal a hidden shop. In this shop, the shopkeep will actually give you $10. The key will also be found somewhere along the bottom of the room, either to the right or to the left.

You can easily access the musical box as soon as you start this stage. You must cross the barrier that separates the two sections of the room, and avoid the gaps to remain on top. Allow yourself to become small, as it will help you collect money and the honeycomb. Make your way to the right and begin climbing up to higher platforms. A lot of money can be collected from the blocks along the upper right side of the room. You should then make your way to the opposite side, where you will find a shop hidden in the upper left corner of the room. In this shop, you should purchase the vest for $25.

Don't miss the chance to collect the coins and the honeycomb from the middle of the room (you may need to become small again if you entered the shop.) The exit is a little difficult to reach if you stay large, but is quite easy to get to from the other side if you become small.


Click this map for a larger view
Click this map for a larger view

When you jump into the well without the lamp, you will land in pitch darkness, making it very hard to tell where you must go or what you should do. Instead, wait until you collect the lamp so that the ledges that make up the left side of the well are visible. Eventually, you will see two blocks along the left wall that can be destroyed, granting you access to the second portion of the well beyond. There is also a honeybee that you can collect if you are fast enough.

In the second portion of the well, you will encounter Medamaruges. When you first encounter them, they will be quite tough to defeat and rather annoying, so steer clear of them for the time being. Don't miss the opportunity to collect the hidden honeycomb on your way down, as you're going to need every bit of health that you can collect. On the right side of the bottom of the well is the entrance to the room of fire.

Room of Fire[edit]

Click this map for a larger view

The room of fire has earned its name well. Without the vest, you will have a very difficult time maintaining your health long enough to survive this room. If you purchased the vest from room G, you should be able to make it through, but be sure to destroy as many enemies as you to collect hearts and keep your strength up.

You start in the upper left corner of the room, and you must make your way to the lower right corner. The key to traversing the room is not to drop to the very bottom, but rather to blast away the right wall near the bottom of the narrow shaft through the middle, and then climb back up to the top to get across. Carefully make your way across the fire and begin breaking through the floors in order to reach the bottom.

Once you're down, a large Fire enemy will appear. Since you don't have the Canteen item, you can't destroy it. Instead, ignore it and and break the wall along the right corner. You will find the honeycomb. Collect it, and stand over the floor of the broken wall. You will drop down into a boss fight with Doma. Doma is just like Homa, so you should use the exact same strategy. Once you beat him, collect the second crystal. This crystal will make your bubbles bigger and allow you to defeat Sparks.

After you defeat Doma, you must exit through the gates. You will find yourself in a shop, where the shopkeep offers you the Hammer for free. Collect it and leave. You will find yourself in the lower left corner of the fire room. As soon as you can, find and destroy a Medamaruge. It will release a balloon. Collect it and a group of bubbles will form around you and instantly transport you out of the well.

NOTE: When you emerge from the well, either by climbing out the top of the first well room or by collecting a Balloon, you will emerge standing on top of the well. In order to properly escape, you have to jump and steer away. If you try to walk in any way before jumping, you will fall back into the well.

Room H[edit]

This is where you will fight the boss Barakuma. This is the strongest boss that you must fight without the aid of the Excalibur, Super Shoes, or Blimp. As a result, it may actually be the toughest boss fight of all. You will gain a small advantage thanks to the larger bubbles, but it won't help tremendously. It is much better to try to collect a honeybee and a heart just before the fight, as well as two Parasols to increase your rapid fire ability. If you do this, you will be able to survive longer and attack quicker.