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Box artwork for Neugier: Umi to Kaze no Kodoo.
Box artwork for Neugier: Umi to Kaze no Kodoo.
Neugier: Umi to Kaze no Kodoo
Developer(s)Wolf Team
Publisher(s)Telenet Japan
Year released1993
Japanese titleノイギーア 海と風の鼓動
Genre(s)Adventure, RPG
ModesSingle player
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Neugier: Umi to Kaze no Kodoo (ノイギーア 海と風の鼓動 roughly translated to "Curiosity: Rhythm of the Wind and Sea"?) is an adventure game for the SNES. Although the game was scheduled for release in the United States as The Journey Home: Quest for the Throne, in November 1993, the project was canceled.

Duke, the main character, fights in real-time battles on his quest to save Neugier. He can jump and equip armor in an RPG fashion. There is also an ability to push objects, or enemies, into a wall to break them.

Alternate names[edit]

The name of this game is typically listed as Neugier: Umi to Kaze no Koudou, but has been changed to correct the misspelling presented in the final word. Because this title is comprised of German and three types of Japanese writing, the correct use is easily skewed. The transliteration of the first word, the German word for curiosity (pronounced "Noy-gear"), is "Noigiia". Also, the propagated version of this game's title uses "Koudou", which is misspelled. The first character, "" (meaning drum), is a single syllable sound when represented in on'yomi (Katakana: "Ko"; こ), not two. The second character, "" (meaning motion, confusion, or change) is represented by two characters in on'yomi, "Do" and "U" (Hiragana: どう). The correct pronunciation of this final word is "Co-Doh" with the second syllable held for two counts.

When looking at the original Japanese box art, you will notice that "海と風の鼓動" is surrounded by a line on either side. These are not characters, but are used for visually stylizing the title. The lines are not straight, but more closely resemble tildes (~), in which case the second half of the title would be typeset as "~海と風の鼓動~" rather than the commonly seen "—海と風の鼓動—". Thus, the possible titles for this game are:

  • Neugier: Umi to Kaze no Kodoo (Romanized transliteration, original German form, English punctuation; StrategyWiki's title)
  • Noigiia: Umi to Kaze no Kodoo (full Romanized transliteration with English punctuation)
  • ノイギーア 海と風の鼓動 (Japanese, not typeset)

Alternatives to these three forms exist, including typesetting them, including or excluding English punctuation, and representing the held vowels with a different standard.

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