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Button Action
Neutral Dpad Movement
A Button Attack, talk, select
B Button Jump, speed up dialogue
X Button Select armour
Y Button Throw chain (after acquiring Throw-Chain)
Start Button Pause
Select Button Save game


Throwing objects

Snag the object with the Throw-Chain. If you can drag it around, you can throw it. To throw it, simply press the Throw-Chain button again: you'll throw the object in the direction you're facing. If it hits something, it'll break, and sometimes drop an item, so aim for walls unless you have a more important target.

You can also throw objects at enemies; this can sometimes do a fair bit of damage, but in many situations it's more trouble than it's worth.

Pushing enemies

You can push enemies away from you with your Throw-Chain. It doesn't hurt them, but it can be useful if you're being crowded. It's also useful against Doppels.