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One of the crates in here contains a green potion. Head north, up the steps, and in. Gunther is waiting to welcome you. Now, there are two exits from this room, one each side of him. Take the one to the east.

Ignore the area below you on the right – there's nothing down there; instead keep going north. This huge room houses ninjas; they're actually very easy to kill. You want to take the door on the east wall. Then go north, up and round the stairs, over to the west and north again, round another flight of stairs, and then west. Now enter the room below, and kill the ninja; then go to the south end and through to the room to the west, and kill the other ninja. Round to the northwest, you'll come to a dead end with a crate. Smash it for a heart.

Now retrace your steps to the huge room with the fountain in the middle (where you first met a ninja). Take the door on the west wall, then the exit just to the north. Keep heading roughly northeast until you reach a staircase down to an area with a blue floor. Take it down, then follow the passage round to the north until you reach another set of steps down to an area with a diagonal check pattern. Go north, and through the little passage to the north rather than up the steps to the east. There are some more crates here; one of them contains the gauntlets.

Go back and take the steps you ignored just now. Head to the east, then exit to the south; now you're climbing a tower, so keep going round in circles until you reach the fifth floor. The music will change to the boss theme, but there's no boss here yet; instead Ord will appear when you try to take the door to the south, and take you to the throne room. Count Wein will eventually give you the Room Key.

Leave the throne room, and then – staying on the one screen – go east, south, west, downstairs, east, and north to reach the big room with the statue and ninjas. Now take the door on the west wall, and follow the same route as last time to the tower where Ord apprehended you. Try the door again.

Boh Man
A "boh" (it's pronounced more like "boar" than "bow") is a stick like the one he chucks at you. This guy is pathetically easy. Dodge the stick and simply hack away. You shouldn't have any problems. If you do, he does have a fatal flaw: if you stand in front of him and just to the right, he'll keep trying to smash you on the head, and keep missing, and he won't do anything else at all unless you move. Of course you have to get there first, which isn't particularly easy.

Now take that door at last. When you regain control, talk to Secia again.