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  • Top: Time of day.
  • Top right corner: Day since impact.
  • Bottom left corner: Condition of Olimar's spacesuit.
  • Bottom, left of the X: Currently active Pikmin. This one will be thrown if you press A button.
  • Bottom, right of the X: Pikmin counts, number in party/number in the field/total.

Map legend[edit]

  • 4: Points north
  • White: Barrior
  • Shaded: Water, keep Red and Yellow Pikmin away.
  • Star: Ship part. Some parts have been swallowed by an animal and will move around.
  • Red, yellow, and blue dots. Pikmin above ground. Be sure to gather these up before the end of the day.
  • Green dots: Pikmin sprouts. These are safe overnight.
  • Pale red, yellow and blue cirlce: Onion.
  • Rocketship: Olimar's ship.
  • Pair of dots: Walled gate.