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This is a list of ship parts as listed in the end of game summary.

Critical parts[edit]

The following parts are needed for Olimar to successfully take off and return home.

The Impact Site[edit]

  • Main Engine
  • Positron Generator

The Forest of Hope[edit]

  • Eternal Fuel Dynamo
  • Extraordinary Bolt
  • Whimsical Radar
  • Geiger Counter
  • Radiation Canpy
  • Sagittarius
  • Shock Absorber

The Forest Navel[edit]

  • Automatic Gear
  • #1 Ioniom Jet
  • Anti-Dioxin Filter
  • Omega Stabilizer
  • Gravity Jumper
  • Analog Computer
  • Guard Satellite
  • Libra

The Distant Spring[edit]

  • Repair-Type Bolt
  • Gluon Drive
  • Zirconium Rotor
  • Interstellar Radio
  • Pilot's Seat
  • #2 Ionium Drive
  • Bow Sprit
  • Chronos Reactor

Optional parts[edit]

Olimar can return home with some of these parts missing, but it's not the best possible ending.

The Forest of Hope[edit]

  • Nova Blaster

The Forest Navel[edit]

  • Space Float

The Distant Spring[edit]

  • Massage Machine
  • UV Lamp

The Final Trial[edit]

  • Secret Safe