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There are three parts remaining in this region. As with The Forest of Hope, you may notice that many of the enemies have respawned if you're returning after a few days absence.

Anti-Dioxin Filter[edit]

This part isn't that difficult but you will need a large number of Blues to get it. First, if you haven't already, build the two bridges directly south of the ship. Take a party of about 60 Blues and 40 Reds south to the pond, using the Reds to clear blowhogs between the two bridges and the pond, Once this is done the Reds are finished with their part so set them aside. Gather you Blues and take them to the far side of the pond where you will find the Anti-Dioxin Filter. You will probably need to eliminate two or three wollywogs here to make it safe enough to send the part pack to the ship. You may want to escort the Blues as they go back since they don't follow what may seem to be the most direct route and there may be stray blowhogs or wollywogs in the path, but once they reach the bridges they should be alright.

Omega Stabilizer[edit]

This part is hidden inside a boss which can be tricky to handle if you don't know how to handle it. Take a party of Reds east then south down a slope. Depending on how diligent you've been about knocking down solid walls, your way may be blocked by one here. You can destroy it now if you want or you can just find an alternate route. Further south is a lattice wall and you can leave some Pikmin to take it down now as a shortcut for the Guard Satellite, but the path isn't actually used for this part. The way further south is blocked by a small plateau; circle around it to the left, clearing the sheargrub, shearwigs, and possibly a stray wollywog on your way. Continue to the southeast corner where you'll find the puffstool, a combination of puffball and toadstool.

This boss is rather cowardly and will run from you if you get too close. Its attack is to release a cloud of spores and if your Pikmin get caught in it they will turn into zombies and attack you on sight. If you are attacked then don't panic, just move back and forth and press the A button button to shake them off, after which they will recover. Left on their own, zombie Pikmin will eventually die from the poison. The key to defeating this creature is to swarm its legs so it will trip and fall over, then while it's struggling to turn itself right side up again, throw Pikmin onto its underside which is its most vulnerable part. If it starts to recover then call your Pikmin away quickly because it will soon give off its spores. You should only need about 40 Pikmin for this battle, and more can actually be a hindrance because it's hard to keep them all out of the way of the toxic cloud. You'll definitely want to use Reds for the battle because there are jets of fire all over the area.

The puffstool drops the Omega Stabilizer when defeated; send the part and the spoils back to the ship. If you've cleared the path described to get here then your Pikmin shouldn't run into any enemies on the way back.

Guard Satellite[edit]

Take a mix of Yellows and Reds east, then south as with the Omega Stabilizer. But first you may want to grab some bombs since there's a solid wall on the route that you probably haven't gotten to yet. When you reach the lattice wall you can use some bombs to knock it at least part way down, but keep at least six for the last wall. The is just past the lattice wall to the left, but taking it down is a bit trickier than normal because there is a fire jet right in front of it. You need to either throw the bomb carriers where they won't go over the jet as they retreat, or you need to time your throws so the Pikmin is only near the jet when it's not blowing. When this wall is down it opens a small area on the eastern edge of the region. Maneuver you Pikmin inside so your Yellows don't get burned, and as you enter a monster drops down from above.

It's the beady long legs which looks something like a daddy longlegs aka harvestman. It's got shiny brass-colored skin, a spherical body, four long legs and large, plate-like feet which it uses to stomp on your Pikmin. (Ever stepped on a real daddy longlegs? Well karma's a bitch.) This is another case where more Pikmin in the battle aren't necessarily helpful since more Pikmin in the battle zone means more that can get stepped on. So start with 30 to 40 Pikmin, leaving the rest near the entrance. Lead them under the monster and start throwing them at its head which is its only vulnerable part. You and your Pikmin are relatively safe as long as you stay directly under the monster's head; use its shadow as a guide. Yellows are very useful here because you can always throw them high enough to reach the head while for Reds you need to wait for it to lower it a bit. Pikmin on their own will start attacking the monster's feet, which doesn't seem to do much good beside possibly slowing it down a bit. Draw from your reserves if your attacking force starts to dwindle.

When the monster is defeated it drops the Guard Satellite and a bunch of food pellets. Be sure to use only Reds to send anything home since they are immune to the fire jets. You can call the Reds off the food pellets when they get close to the ship, then have Pikmin with matching colors do the final leg.