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Default sorting is by logical groups (as per the manual).

Letter Group Action
 PgUp  AAA! In case of "disk error" message, it attempts to restore disk (WinVICE 1.13a)
 H  AAA! [H]elp file, that shows all the commands below
 E  Items [E]quip weapons, armor, items
 G  Items [G]et item
 I  Items [I]nvoke (use) item
 P  Items [P]urchase item(s), if you are in a shop
 T  Items [T]ransfer an item from a character to another one
 X  Items Drop e[X]cess items
 C  Spells [C]ast a spell
 L  Doors Open a [L]ocked door using the appropriate key (and step forward through it)
 O  Doors [O]pen an unlocked door (and step forward through it)
 B  Multi-party [B]reak up current party into smaller parties
 Q  Multi-party [Q]uit current party's turn, and passes on to the next party
 R  Multi-party [R]egroup more parties into one.
Only works if they are superimposed at the same location.
 V  Windows Toggle directions bar on/off
(Pretend this letter is an arrow down)
 Y  Windows Hide message window
(Pretend this letter is an arrow down)
 Enter  Windows Turn text parser on/off (i.e. toggle Adventure Mode on/off)
 :  Windows Extend "visible objects" window to full screen
 F  Menu [F]unctions menu:
  • Change screen delay (default: 80 time units)
  • Change time between party switches (default: 20 turns)
  • Modify character positions
  • Pool silver
  • Equalize food
  • Use weaken poison ability; use ironwill ability; use detect magic ability
  • Save the game
  • Turn sound on/off
 ⇐  Menu Exit any almost menu, abort almost any action
This is a button unique to the C64 keyboard, located below the  Esc  button.
 W  Move Move north (world surface)
Move into a building (towns only; in fact, all building doors are facing south)
Move forward (dungeons)
 Z  Move Move south (world surface)
Move forward (dungeons)
 A  Move Move east (world surface)
Turn left (dungeons)
 S  Move Move west (world surface)
Turn right (dungeons)
 U  Move Move [U]p on stairs (dungeons only)
 D  Move Move [D]own on stairs (dungeons only)
 J  Move Move north-west (world surface only)
 K  Move Move north-east (world surface only)
 M  Move Move south-east (world surface only)
 N  Move Move south-west (world surface only)