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Unlocking the Main Hall Doors[edit]

So you're finally in the police station. It must be safe, right? Wrong... This place is crawling with all sorts of creatures. Like in every other Resident Evil game, you can usually count on main halls to be safe. After the short little foray into the room, descend the staircase and head up the ramp on the left, going through the single brown door. (Don't worry, we'll be back here soon.) As soon as you enter a cutscene will ensue where you'll be introduced to Marvin Branagh, a police officer still alive from the past carnage. He tells you the background of the incident... But for some reason does not want you to treat his wound (even threatening Leon or Claire at gunpoint). He does, however, give you the Blue Key Card, which will be used to unlock the main hall's doors. Afterwards you will automatically be brought back to the main hall. The door locks behind you (I guess Marvin just doesn't like guests), but we will be back here at another point in time. For now, run to the main desk and take the nice box of thirty Handgun Bullets and the Ink Ribbons (if you want to save your game at the nearby typewriter). Walk up to the computer and press the action button to boot it up; agree to use the Blue Key Card from before and the two first floor rooms will be unlocked, granting you access. Go back down one of the ramps and through the double doors on the left.

The West Wing[edit]

Ah, another safe room. Walk up to the item box on the right and press the action button to open it. You can drop off whatever item your heart desires in this handy box, so start off by dropping off that useless Combat Knife (honestly, you're never going to need it), that single Green Herb (if you have it) and those Ink Ribbons (if you grabbed them from before). Wait... There's more. Claire players can go up to the drawer in the corner and use that great Lockpick to find a First Aid Spray. You Leon players are just going to have to wait. There's also the Police Memorandum on the nearby bench, which lists a handy safe combination that you'll be able to use later. For now just go behind the brown wall and open the single door in the corner.

Well, silence can't be good. Turn the next corner, search the body for some Handgun Bullets and keep walking forward to trigger a small cutscene, in which you will be introduced to the Licker. This one will immediately drop down from the ceiling once the cutscene is over, so be prepared. If you kept one of the weapons from the gunshop earlier, then it will only take three shotgun shells (for Leon) or two bolts (for Claire). If you're stuck with one of the handguns, it's going to take six to ten shots to take the Licker down. The best idea here is to immediately aim down and shoot it as many times as you can; once you do, take two steps back and fire away again (don't take any more than four steps or it will take some major damage away from you). Proceed forwards, pick up the Green Herb from the ground and head through the single door at the end of the hallway. (You may have also noticed the power box that controls the electronic shutters for the windows that's used to block later zombies; finding the future Cord is useless because you'll barely venture back in this area again, so don't worry about it).

Turn the next corner: if you're playing as Leon, go through the set of double doors; otherwise just keep going until you reach the door at the end.

Leon and the Red Jewel[edit]

You can pick up the Operation Report 1 on the table immediately to the left if you want to, but there's a more important item to pick up. Run to the other side of the room and through the opening which leads to a fireplace; walk up to it and use your Lighter to reveal the Red Jewel. Make sure you grab it and then search the back corner (where the desks are piled) to find some Handgun Bullets. Go back to the other room and exit the Briefing Room, taking a right and going through the door at the end of the hallway once you assume control.

To the S.T.A.R.S. Office[edit]

Wait for the female zombie to come toward you and then immediately run past her until you reach the end of the hallway. From here, turn around and start shooting at the three zombies that will come toward you. If it's hard to shoot some of them, walk forward a little bit until the camera angle changes, which should give you a better view of what's going on. Once those three are down, turn the corner but wait at the intersection for a zombie to come; gun him down and go to the area underneath the staircase (sometimes the zombie waiting there will turn the corner when you're encountering the other three, so be on the lookout). There are two Green Herbs here and a door you must now open, so do so.

Start off by searching the large cabinet opposite the desk for a box of Handgun Bullets, while some Ink Ribbons and the Operation Report 2 are on the desk. Run up to the item box in the corner and drop off any healing items (remember you can also mix herbs for greater effects) and the Red Jewel (only if you're playing as Leon). Save your game if you want to and then exit the room (don't forget to drop off Ink Ribbons after using them to save your game), ascending the nearby staircase afterwards.

Head up the smaller staircase and start running down the hallway until you reach an area with three statues. This is the first puzzle you have to figure out and (like all of the other puzzles in the game) is very easy. Begin by going to the bronze statue's left-hand side and pushing it upwards three times (until the camera angle changes); proceed to walk to the front side of the statue and push it until you reach the opposite wall (where the single door in the corner is). Simply move the statue over the orange tile and do the same for the silver statue; when both are in place, the Red Jewel falls from the center statue's hand, so be sure to grab it and then open the single door in the corner. The characters are going to differ a little in this area: Leon's going to have to fight three zombies while Claire doesn't have to deal with any. Regardless, both characters will still have to step through the door in the center (if you're playing as Leon be sure to kill the zombies before entering the next room).

Yep, this was the actual office of the main protagonists in the first Resident Evil; there are several items in here that we're going to need. Begin by taking the green book on the desk opposite the entrance, which is Chris's Diary (you have to pick it up to receive the next item) and the Unicorn Medal underneath it (if you're playing as Leon, Claire will enter the room when you pick up the diary, who, for some reason, agrees that they should split up). Afterwards, search the area in front of the large S.T.A.R.S. banner for some Hangun Bullets and the storage cabinet for a M1100-P Shotgun (for Leon) or an M79 Grenade Launcher (for Claire).Press action 50 times on the desk in front of the poster for a Secret Film. Leon will also find an exclusive First Aid Spray inside the first aid kit in the corner and Claire can take the Federal Police Dept. Internal Investigation Report after it is faxed, but other than that, just exit the room and retrace your steps back to the West Wing Hallway.

Getting the Spade Key[edit]

There's a reason why this room is mentioned: when you pass by the boarded-up windows, zombies will attempt to grab you. To avoid this, simply stay close to the opposite walls until you reach the end of the hallway (if you're grabbed, don't even worry about it... The damage is minimal). When you do, head for the Main Hall. Go up to the statue in the center and place the Unicorn Medal in the pedestel, which will cause the statue to drop the Spade Key. Ascend the small staircase behind you and open the single door to the very left.

The East Wing[edit]

Run forwards and eqiup either the Grenade Launcher or the Shotgun; wait for the large group of zombies to assemble and fire away to take out multiple targets. Take out any scavengers with your handgun and then pick up the Green Herb next to the vending machine. Keep going down the hallway until you reach a single door and go through it to reach the adjoining hallway.

Go forward a little bit and dispatch the zombie with your handgun. Turn the next corner and finish off the three zombies waiting here. Keep going until you reach the end of the hallway (there's a Red Herb that goes together nicely with the Green Herb you found before) and head through the gray metal door. Claire can find some Handgun Bullets on the table while Leon will find an important Small Key. Once you take either item, exit the room and backtrack to Blue Hallway from before.

Once you're back in the hallway, head through the double blue doors opposite the Main Hall entryway to gain access to the East Wing Office. Wait for the zombie on your right to walk toward you and then run around him to reach the desks on the other side. Use this vantage point to kill the three zombies lingering around the room. When they're dead, go to the other side of the office and inside windowed room, where a zombie is waiting (it should be noted that he may sometimes step out and follow you before you enter). Kill him and open the nearby safe by entering in the code 2-2-3-6; Leon will find Shotgun Shells while Claire will receive some Acid Rounds. Both characters will also receive the Police Station Map... There's also two Green Herbs behind the desk. You can also search the body in the other windowed room to get some Handgun Bullets and desk next to the windowed office for a pair of Ink Ribbons; once you have these items, exit the room by going through the double blue doors and retrace your steps back to the S.T.A.R.S. Hallway, which is located in the west wing, past Chris' office where you met Claire. Furthermore, on the way you can use your spade key on the door by your first licker encounter. Inside that door is some ink ribbons, handgun bullets, and a crank (the crank is used later in the clock room; the single door one the second floor of the library), which you can get to by pushing the stool to the cubbord.

The Small Key[edit]

Small Keys are exclusive to Leon's mission, and are used to unlock locked drawers or doors: most of which contain useful items. The first small key you find can either be used on a desk in the Waiting Room (which has a box of Handgun Bullets) or on a desk in the Library Hallway (which contains the Handgun Parts, used to make the HK VP70 semi-automatic). It's up to you on what you want to use the key on (note that another Small Key will be found on the second floor Waiting Room), but it is highly recommended you keep it for the Handgun Parts.

Police Station's Second Floor[edit]

Once in the S.T.A.R.S. hallway, enter the door at the far end, and discard the precinct key. Inside this room are several zombies eating a corpse. Use the shotgun or grenade launcher to quickly dispatch them. From the passage ahead, take handgun ammo from the shelves located at the end of the hall by the borded up door, and, from the desk by the other door, take either the handgun parts, or flame rounds. Continue to the S.T.A.R.S. library, which is the door by the desk. Go up the stairs. Once you are on the ledge above the library, go along and fall to the first floor. Press the red switch to generate power to the bookshelves. Go through the narrow gap. On the bookshelves, from the far left, make the first go Right, the second go Right, and leave the rest in the same position. If done correctly, a panel will fall. Go to the panel to retreive the Bishop Plug. Leave the library via the double doors, if you haven't done so already, shoot the four zombies, and lower the ladder from the red square on the railings. Continue along the balcony into the Waiting room. Get the Small Key (or Lighter), the Ink Ribbon, and the secretary's diary A. Go to the chest, and take out the 2 Red Jewels.

Extinguishing the Flames[edit]

Leave the Waiting Room with the 2 Red Jewels. Enter into the Corridor with Fire. Take out the two zombies, and leave via the door to the right of where you came in. Unlock the door at the end, and get Handgun ammo from the body. Ignore the crows, just run past, and don't stop-more come out of the windows. Exit through the door at the end. You should now be on the top of the police station, near a flameing helicopter that crashed. Go to the end of the roof, and down the steps. There are several zombies to take out (Or dodge them- its fairly easy) and go into the cabin. In here is 2 Ink Ribbons, Handgun ammo, and a Valve Handle. Go back up to the roof IGNORE THE DOOR BY THE TYPEWRITER, as it just lets in 2 more zombies. On the roof, use the Valve Handle on the pump to burst the water tank, and put the fire out.