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Main Character[edit]


Sakuna is the sole protagonist of the game. As an harvest goddess, Sakuna lived in excess for most of her life in the Lofty Realm, enjoying life with no hardship at all, essentially being spoiled for most of her life. Her life is suddenly thrown into chaos after intruders Tauemon, Kaimaru, Kaita, Myrthe and Yui crossed the bridge between the Lowly and Lofty realm. While pursuing them, Sakuna accidentally burned down the offering storehouse, burning down the rice harvest and byproducts. Earning the ire of the celestial ruler, Kamuhitsuki, Sakuna is banished to the Hinoe Island, where she is tasked into vanquishing a rising demon threat. Unbeknownst to her, her parents used to live together on the island. She inherits the family home and its rice field and thus begins her adventure.



Ashigumo is one of the weasel-looking inhabitants of Hinoe Island. He was forced to battle Sakuna initially because she recklessly assumed he was a demon. He was taking care of Sakuna's parents' house while they were gone. Since Sakuna is their daughter, he yields the house to her. Ashigumo will also teach Kinta how to craft tools.

Ashigumo refers to both the character and the race. The Ashigumo do not seem to show allegiance for the gods of the Lofty Realm and have been living independently.


Tauemon is a former samurai turned bandit. However he is terrible at everything he does. He picked up some farming tricks that helps you with your own farm, however is incapable of applying his own knowledge. He can take care of the farm if you let him, just don't expect good results. If you send him forage, Tauemon will bring back a little of everything.


A noisy, prone to crying kid with an unknown history. Kaimaru will often bawl for the smallest of reasons. Apparently something bad happened to him and caused some sort of trauma that prevents him from speaking properly. He is still capable of speaking some words, though. If sent to forage, he will usually bring back useful fertilizer items.


Kaita is a young boy that seems to be interested in metallurgy. After some time you will be able to build him a workshop so he can make weapons for you. He seems to have some history with Yui, apparently having saved her life once, gaining her infatuation. However he doesn't seem to share those feelings and tries to avoid her stalking. If sent to forage, he will try to pick ores and rocks mostly.


Myrthe is obviously a foreigner from the West from her accent. She seems to value knowledge a lot, offering to tutor the many children followers. She seems especially fond of Kaimaru and will often rush to his defense. She is the one that handles the cooking and processing. She can also be sent out to forage and will mostly bring back food items.


Tama is a weird dog-looking but actually a weapon spirit. It is a keepsake from Sakuna's father, the god of war. It seems to be very knowledgeable about history and the world to a certain degree. It acts mostly as a mentor to Sakuna and often tries to keep an eye on her sudden rash responses. Most of the time it sticks around the house doing nothing useful.


Not much is known about Yui. She is a young girl and seems to be liking Kinta since he saved her life some time in the past. She stalks him sometimes and he tries to avoid her. She can sew and will eventually have her own workshop, allowing Sakuna to create new garments, masks and hats. When sent foraging, she will usually bring back items related to clothing.



Takeribi is Sakuna's father and the god of war. He met Sakuna's mother, on Hinoe Island. Initially, he thought she was a weasel, like the other inhabitants of the island. When he met her, it was love at first sight. He tried to charm her by killing demons on the island and his attempts eventually borne fruit. His whereabouts are unknown.


Tohohana is Sakuna's mother and the harvest goddess. She met Sakuna's father on Hinoe Island. She arrived on the island a long time ago. Initially she was met by violence from the inhabitants, but as a goddess the attacks did nothing. She eventually made friends with them by healing one of them, then resided on the island. She is the one that gave Sakuna her raiment. Her present location is not known.


The current celestial ruler of the Lofty Realm, Kamuhitsuki banished Sakuna to the Hinoe Island at the beginning of the game. Later in the game, she will actually change the weather for you if you give her a suitable offering of ambers.


Kokorowa is one of the goddesses in the Lofty Realm. She seems to be of an inferior caste than Sakuna. She seems to control automatons that defend the capital, although they seem to attack Sakuna as well.



An evil god, Omizuchi battled Sakuna's parents in the past. He is the one who was controlling the demons.


Demons roam Hinoe Island. Most of them share the shape of animals, such as rabbits, deer, fish, etc. They become much more powerful once the sun sets.


Hardly worth mentioning, Ishimaru appears briefly in the introduction sequence, before being knocked down into the sea of clouds between the two realms by Sakuna. He gets a few mentions during the game. It seems he was a former samurai turned bandit like Tauemon.



The dog will join your party after a while on the island. With its senses, it becomes possible for it to guard your followers while they are out gathering. It's also possible to pet it and carry it around, just because.


The cat joins your party after some time passed on the island. It is supposed to help guard against rodents and other annoyances. You can also pet it and carry it around. If you idle around with it in your arms, it's body will elongate briefly before springing back up.


Ducks are very useful creatures. They will eat pests in your rice field. However if you let them become too big, they will eventually start eating your precious rice! So it's usually better to just eat them, sadly.