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After a brief introduction scene, the game will throw you into a basic tutorial sequence.

Mihashira Capital Hallway -Part 1-[edit]

Simply move toward the right to attempt to follow the intruders. Jump over the barrel and continue right, jumping over the stair steps. Use your raiment to grapple upwards to continue the pursuit and keep heading right to the next screen.

Mihashira Capital Hallway -Part 2-[edit]

Jump over the barrels while heading right and use your raiment to climb over the wall and keep going right until you hit another wall. Throw your raiment upwards to cling to the ceiling and jump over the gaps toward the left side, using your raiment if you can't clear the jumps completely (you will automatically climb if you got close enough to the ledge and hold the direction button). Once you reach the far left side, climb up and go right again. You will hit another wall, simply use your raiment two times to climb it, or once aiming diagonally. Keep heading right.

Mihashira Capital Hallway -Part 3-[edit]

The fight tutorial starts here. Simply jump over the automatons and attack them in the back to destroy these easily. You can also use your raiment to phase right through them. Unfortunately you must destroy them to proceed, but they will leave valuable amber behind. Amber will automatically gravitate to Sakuna once all enemies are dispatched. After destroying the automatons, keep going right to finally conclude this segment.

Mihashira Capital -Divine Garner-[edit]

Watch the cutscene.