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Sam & Max Save the World
Box artwork for Sam & Max Save the World.
Developer(s)Telltale Games
Publisher(s)The Adventure Company
Release date(s)
Steam icon.png Steam
Windows icon.png Windows
Wii icon.png Wii
Xbox Live Arcade icon.png Xbox Live Arcade
System(s)Windows, Wii
ESRB: ESRB T.png Teen
Followed bySam & Max: Beyond Time and Space
SeriesSam & Max
TwitchSam & Max Save the World Channel

Sam & Max Save the World (originally released for Windows as Sam & Max Season One) is a compilation of the first season of the Sam & Max series of episodic adventure games developed by Telltale Games. The Season One package was first released on Steam and later for Windows. In 2008, Telltale Games confirmed the game was being ported to the Wii for release in October 2008.

The compilation contains all six episodes of Season One:

Each episode has its own self-contained plot, but a central story arc runs throughout the season. The episodes themselves are unaltered from their standalone releases, but the collection includes additional videos and behind-the-scenes bonuses.

Box artwork[edit]


There are 12 achievements for the Xbox Live Arcade Sam & Max *Save the World* version, worth 200 Gamerscore points.

Picture Name DescriptionGamerscore icon.
Sam&Max Season1 Culture Shock achievement.jpg Culture Shock Complete Episode 1 - "Culture Shock". 20 Gamerscore points
Sam&Max Season1 Situation Comedy achievement.jpg Situation: Comedy Complete Episode 2 - "Situation: Comedy". 20 Gamerscore points
Sam&Max Season1 The Mole Mob and the Meatball achievement.jpg The Mole, Mob, and the Meatball Complete Episode 3 - "The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball". 20 Gamerscore points
Sam&Max Season1 Abe Lincoln Must Die achievement.jpg Abe Lincoln Must Die! Complete Episode 4 - "Abe Lincoln Must Die!". 20 Gamerscore points
Sam&Max Season1 Reality 20 achievement.jpg Reality 2.0 Complete Episode 5 - "Reality 2.0". 20 Gamerscore points
Sam&Max Season1 Bright Side of the Moon achievement.jpg Bright Side of the Moon Complete Episode 6 - "Bright Side of the Moon". 20 Gamerscore points
Sam&Max Season1 Saved The World achievement.jpg Saved The World! Complete all episodes of Sam & Max Save the World. 30 Gamerscore points
Sam&Max Season1 Unicornucopia achievement.jpg Unicornucopia Heard 10 different comments about your unicorn. 10 Gamerscore points
Sam&Max Season1 Improviser achievement.jpg Improviser In Episode 2, achieve six different cow identities that Mr Featherly will play along with. 10 Gamerscore points
Sam&Max Season1 Master Whacker achievement.jpg Master Whacker In Episode 3, get a perfect score on Whack-Da-Ratz. 10 Gamerscore points
Sam&Max Season1 Easter Bunny achievement.jpg Easter Bunny In Episode 4, find the Easter Egg. 10 Gamerscore points
Sam&Max Season1 Mightier than the Sword achievement.jpg Mightier than the Sword In Episode 5, attempt to chop up everything in the text adventure with your +2 sword. 10 Gamerscore points