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This boss fight takes place in a pool of water on seven platforms going in a ring around a central tower. When Raleigh eats a bug, he grows to gargantuan size and will be able to squash you. There are four stages to the fight and you have to start over at the beginning if you fail.

Stage 1

Raleigh will try to jump on you and squash you. He will land five times before shrinking down to normal size. When this happens you need to whack him with your cane. If you don't, he jumps back up on the tower and eats another bug to grow again. While running away and jumping from platform to platform, count his jumps and on the fifth one, run back so you're ready when he lands.

Stage 2

This stage is pretty much the same thing, except you're only on one platform. Now when he jumps you'll need to run underneath him and move over to the other side of the platform. He can still only manage five jumps, so count them again and when he hits the platform on his fifth jump, be ready to whack him into the water.

Stage 3

He's back to what he did in the first stage, except this time the platforms sink down into the water after he lands on them, so you can't just go back and forth on a single platform while waiting for him to run out of jumps. Handle this one the same as the rest, just make sure you're jumping to a whole new platform each time.

Stage 4

On the last stage he finally does something different. All the platforms will sink down except for the one you're on and Raleigh will jump down onto it. Instead of jumping and trying to squash you, he'll instead stick out his tongue and whip it around and around. You'll need to jump over his tongue every time it comes around and after six revolutions, he'll shrink down to normal and you can whack him for the last time.