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A large jungle that seems to have overgrown an ancient civilization. It has been said that it looks like the Jungle area of the Mystic Ruins of Sonic Adventure. It also borrows visuals from the Green Forest Stage in Sonic Adventure 2 'Dinosaur Jungle from Sonic and the Secret Rings and the Lost Jungle level from Sonic Heroes (plus similar music). Instead of catching a ride with eagles on this stage, Sonic interacts with a giant turtle who helps Sonic get farther in the stage. Sonic has been seen carrying Elise in this stage. The level Sonic and Elise visit and the levels Rouge, Silver and Knuckles (all separately) visit are different looking, but share the same features and obstacles. (Sonic's is more like an inclusive forest and the others have a drawn out landscape.) This level is homage to the Jungle Zone on "Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit)".

Sonic's Story (7th Stage)
After rescuing Princess Elise from aboard the train, Sonic finds himself in a jungle with Elise. To avoid being found, Sonic tries to cut through the jungle with hopes of eluding Dr. Eggman once again.
Shadow's Story (5th Stage [Rouge])
After getting separated from Shadow, Rouge journeys to this jungle with the goals of finding Omega, and enlisting his help.
  • Boss: Mephiles Phase 1
Silver's Story (2nd Stage)
After being sent into the past, Silver journeys to this jungle with hopes of confronting Sonic the Hedgehog, whom he believes to be the "Iblis Trigger".