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Dialect TranslatorSq2 translator(item).jpeg
Order FormSq2 orderform(item).jpeg
Cubix RubeSq2 cubixrube(item).jpeg
Athletic SupporterSq2 supporter(item).jpeg
KeycardSq2 keycard(item).jpeg
SporeSq2 spore(item).jpeg
BerriesSq2 berries(item).jpeg
WhistleSq2 whistle(item).jpeg
Glowing GemSq2 gem(item).jpeg
RopeSq2 rope(item).jpeg
KeySq2 key(item).jpeg
StoneSq2 stone(item).jpeg
Toilet PaperSq2 paper(item).jpeg
Glass CutterSq2 glasscutter(item).jpeg
PlungerSq2 plunger(item).jpeg
LighterSq2 lighter(item).jpeg
Waste BasketSq2 basket(item).jpeg
Oxygen MaskSq2 mask(item).jpeg

Dialect Translator[edit]

Sq2 translator(item).jpeg "The dialect translator is a small device. It is currently on."

  • Found: Your pockets in the beginning of the game.
  • Used: Never. Implicit use via Roger's understanding of alien languages.

Order Form[edit]

Sq2 orderform(item).jpeg "This is an order form you removed from a magazine for a free Labion Terror Beast Mating Whistle. It's ready to be mailed."

  • Found: Your pockets in the beginning of the game.
  • Used: Mailed from Labion - The screen with the spores.

Cubix Rube[edit]

Sq2 cubixrube(item).jpeg "This Cubix Rube puzzle has made you look stupid more than usual."

Athletic Supporter[edit]

Sq2 supporter(item).jpeg "This is your athletic supporter. Without close inspection you notice it to be well used."


Sq2 keycard(item).jpeg "It looks like your average keycard."

  • Found: On the body of a dead guard on Labion.
  • Used: To gain access to the spaceship on Labion.


Sq2 spore(item).jpeg "This is one of the unopened spores."

  • Found: Labion - The screen with the mailbox.
  • Used: To escape the clutches of a deadly hunter on Labion.


Sq2 berries(item).jpeg "The strange red berries pack a very pungent aroma."

  • Found: Beyond the maze monster on Labion.
  • Used: To survive the swamp monster on Labion.


Sq2 whistle(item).jpeg "The whistle is usual looking. "

  • Found: Mailed to you after submitting an Order Form on Labion.
  • Used: To summon the Labion Terror Beast.

Glowing Gem[edit]

Sq2 gem(item).jpeg "The glowing gem provides a gentle illumination."

  • Found: In an underwater cave on Labion.
  • Used: Pinkunz maze on Labion. Your sole light source.


Sq2 rope(item).jpeg "It's a relatively short rope made from rough hemp."

  • Found: Hunter's camp on Labion.
  • Used: To climb down to Pinkunz land (still on Labion).


Sq2 key(item).jpeg "This key looks to be made rather crudely."

  • Found: In the pocket of a knocked out hunter on Labion.
  • Used: On the cage door next to a knocked out hunter on Labion.


Sq2 stone(item).jpeg "It looks like an ordinary stone. "

  • Found: In entrance created by the Labion Terror Beast.
  • Used: On the next screen - to knock out or distract a guard.

Toilet Paper[edit]

Sq2 paper(item).jpeg "These are a few sheets of pumice-quality toilet paper."

Glass Cutter[edit]

Sq2 glasscutter(item).jpeg "The glass cutter looks like it's seen a lot of use."


Sq2 plunger(item).jpeg "This is a standard issue plunger."


Sq2 lighter(item).jpeg "The Sic lighter is almost empty."

Waste Basket[edit]

Sq2 basket(item).jpeg "This is an empty waste basket."

Oxygen Mask[edit]

Sq2 mask(item).jpeg "This is an emergency oxygen mask."

  • Found: On the wall just as you come out of Vohaul's office (Vohaul's Asteroid).
  • Used: To survive the crack.