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Xenon Orbital Station 4

As Roger Wilco loses yet another broom to the deep deeply depths of outer space, you come into complete control. Look watch and enter press c [1] to receive a message from your boss. Exit the screen, and proceed to any of the walls (north and west of your original location). You will notice that Roger Wilco can walk on walls in space. Walk to the circular elevation on the ceiling, to discover that it is actually an elevator [1].

You will find yourself in a small airlock. Walk over to the civilian clothes and change clothes [1] to receive hero attire for the remainder of the journey. Walk to the lockers on the right wall. Open locker and take all [2]. You will pick up a cubix rube and an athletic supporter. Note that you do not need to take these items if you are not interested in full points. Walk through the door.

After a short meeting with your superior, walk over to the platform in the north-west corner of the room. Walk left on the balcony and enter the pneumatic transport. On the next screen, walk downstairs, and enter the ship [5].

If you are going for full points, you should have 10/250.