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Here we are at the third third age speedway. Like the others, choose normal or hard mode. As a reminder, the normal mode has more time than the hard mode. The Aqua Age Speedway starts off with the ring challenge, and you're going to have to go through them to gain extra time. After this is the wave of bubbles, the pink ones are regular, the yellow ones give extra time, and the blue ones give money. After the bubbles are the first aliens. The one in front is invincible unless it's the only one left, so you have to destroy the others. Now you have to face the crabs. They go in many patterns through the screen, and the red ones are regular, the blue ones give money, and the yellow ones extra time. The aliens come back after you get through the crabs. Now we're here at the final obstacle, the electric dragon with p;ates. There is one and you'll have to continuously fire at it to destroy each plate until there is nothing left. With the defeat of the electric dragons comes the reward of two different fairies, one for beating each mode.