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Here is a list of characters in Spyro: Season of Ice.



Spyro the Dragon is who you play as. He tries to rescue the fairies from Grendor.


Sparx is your companion, a firefly. He is the life bar of the game, and can explore the bug levels.


Bianca had her Spell Book taken by Grendor. To help you, she opens up the portals to the next worlds when you gets enough fairies.


Hunter helps you by teaching you the ability to glide and charge in the Autumn Fairy Home if you didn't know them already



Grendor has stolen the Spell Book, and gave himself two heads and a headache by accident. It's your job to stop him. You've got to face him twice, once after beating the Winter Fairy Home and in the Summer Fairy Home.


The Rhynocs are minions of Grendor. Two types appear in each level, where they terrorize the residents. One fairy is always gained for defeating every Rhynoc in the level.

In between/by-standers[edit]


Moneybags was hired to guard the bug level stages, but isn't very loyal. If you pay him enough, he'll let Sparx get into the level.


The residents of each level except for the bug and age levels ask for your level in exchange for fairies, which they don't always call fairies. One asks for help in defeating all the Rhynocs, and the other for Spyro to use his abilities to make something happen, such as lighting up all the lighthouses in Mermaid Coast.


The Fairies were frozen in ice by the Rhynocs and must be rescued by you in each level. There are five in the hub levels, two in the age levels, one in the bug levels, and six in the normal levels. Grendor's Lair contains two fairies as well.