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Welcome to Market Mesa. Now that you've 12 fairies, you're well on your way to getting the 88 more that there are. For now though, it might be better if you just focus on the 6 ones here.

Fairy 1[edit]

This first fairy is the "Rhynoc fairy" of the level. You must defeat the two types of Rhynocs that can be found, the spinning one and the other one that charges at you.

Fairy 2[edit]

This fairy is the first type of fairy that you must get by catching a crook. This crook is a special type of Rhynoc that moves even faster than Spyro if he doesn't charge. You must charge to get the crook, who runs through a certain area to throw you off the platform and lose a life. When you catch the crook, you get the fairy they were holding.

Fairy 3[edit]

The third fairy in this area requires a lot of moving. You're helping a member of the town, who wants to restore the chorus's tune, which has gotten off-key. To do this, you must ring the bells in the order specified. The path to each bell is in the form of a long thin road that changes direction in the middle.

Fairy 4[edit]

Fairy 5[edit]

Fairy 6[edit]