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Key items are items that are gained during key points of the story and are often required to advance. Most but not all of them have no in-game utility.

Key items gained during the game[edit]

Name Description Location
Father's Charm Shintetsu's charm that Amariss made. Amariss gives it to you before you leave for the tournament's opening ceremony.
Water Scooter Found in your house on lower right corner of the main floor. It will be needed for crossing water in town and dungeons.
Entrance Ticket Ticket to enter the opening ceremony. In the dresser that is in the upper right corner of the top floor of your house.
Labyrinth Key 1 Key to enter the Labyrinth. Given when you have to enter in the Labyrinth
Match Notice 1 Next opponent : Chaves. Given before your first match
Match Notice 2 Next opponent : Kenon. Given before your second match
Match Notice 3 Next opponent : Razzy. Given before your third match
Match Notice 4 Next opponent : Ariel and Mariel. Given before your fourth match
Labyrinth Key 2 Key to Labyrinth Floor 12. Given when you need to go deeper in the Labyrinth
Lesson's Recipe Sakuro's special recipe. Given by Sakuro in your "training"
Labyrinth Key 3 The other Key to Labyrinth Floor 12 Given by Sakuro after his "training"
Ship Key Key to Master Bron's ship Given by Master Bron when he lends you his ship.
Labyrinth Key 4 The other Key to Labyrinth Floor 28 Given when you need to go deeper in the Labyrinth
Labyrinth Key 5 The other Key to Labyrinth Floor 33 Given when you need to go deeper in the Labyrinth
Match Notice 5 Next opponent : Sanary. Given before your fifth match
Match Notice 6 Next opponent : Varil. Given before your sixth match
Bestiary Book listing known Summon Creatures.
Summonite Used to summon Sugar/Rasho/Zantek/Kutty. Given when you obtain your Guardian Beast
Small Key Used to unlock Small Keyhole. Given when you finish the boss at floor 50