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Lars' Crypt shown on the world map by the glowing light.

As soon as Alundra enters the Crypt, head down the stairs and enter the door at the right of the room. Walk up and examine the plaque, a ghost will appear, saying that the Saints in the previous room have to be honored in the proper order, that of importance, from most important to least.

There are five Saints in the previous room, from left to right, they are Green, Blue, White, Red and Brown. Below is what each Saint says, and where it ranks their importance.

The five Saints and the order they should be addressed in.

Saint Green - "Brown respects my teaching more than is required". (Green is more important than Brown)
Saint Blue - "I never listen to the teachings of Saint Green." (Blue is more important than Green)
Saint White - "My teaching surpasses all other teachings." (White is the most important)
Saint Red - "My teaching is not as great as brother Blue's." (Blue is more important than Red)
Saint Brown - "Red's teaching is the foundation of Green's." (Red is more important than Green)

From this, it's gathered that the Saints rank, in order from most to least important: White, Blue, Red, Green and Brown. Hence, talk to the Saints in that order. If done correctly, the Saints will stay where they are once they have all been summoned. After this, head back into the room at the top and talk to the spirit once again, answering yes to his question, and then go to the Saints room and down the ladder. The five Saints will reappear and then open the door. Go through it.

In the next room, jump down and read both of the plaques, which say "Here rests Alundra", after reading the second one, two Zombies and two Reapers will spawn, it is recommended to throw the pots at the zombies in order to kill them instantly, and to just slash the Reapers to death. After killing the enemies, climb up and touch the sparkles, and then cross the bridge, the two chests on the other side both contain Herbs, enter the next room.

In this room, head right and then down the stairs, reading the two plaques. The first one says: "Left is left, Right is right. That truth leads one through darkest night..." and refers to the puzzle on the floor below. The other reads The sun is born in the east and gives its life in the west. Yet the shadow that is born below glares up at the heavens in defiance of its end. and refers to an orb puzzle slightly later on. Jump down the hole in the floor.

For this room, pick up the barrel and throw it into the large pool below, being careful not to hit the Zombies with it. Kill them with the Dagger and take the barrel near the bottom left of the room, where there is another barrel. Use these two barrels as stepping stones between the stone platform and the raised area with the chest, which contains Herbs. After this, head up the stairs, picking up the herbs in the chest next to the save tile. Head left, ignoring the hole the spiked ball makes and go up, jumping down the hole to the left of the statue.

Solution for the four orb puzzle.

Back in this room, hit the right lever so it faces right, leaving the left lever to face left and then jump on the lift tile. After riding the lift upwards, jump over to the statue and talk to it. It heals Alundra and allows him to access the switch in the middle of the room, jump on it and head South, into the newly opened part of the room. The orbs in this part must be hit in a certain order, that being the order mentioned in the plaque. This means hit the orbs in the following order: Right, left, down and then up. After that a spirit will appear and open another door, this one at the right of the room, go through it.

In the next room are three Zombies and four Pukuses, killing them all will remove the block blocking the stairs, allowing Alundra to progress. In the next room, head down the stairs and then kill the four zombies in the narrow room, the platforms should begin to move. Go to the top of the room and ride the platforms to the chest at the bottom, which contains a Strength Tonic. Head back up the stairs in order to exit, head West and then South, hugging the wall to prevent falling down the holes made by the spiked balls. Go right at the first opportunity, going past the plaque and jumping into the two sunken holes, which opens the gate, allowing access to a chest containing a key. Head to the Northwest of the room and use the key.

In the next room, exit through the right door and then jump down the large pit. Kill the Slimes, which opens the exit. Go to the bottom platform, and throw the rock so that it functions as a stepping stone between that platform and the one on the left. Use the rock on this platform as a stepping stone to the platform at the top, read the sign which says: "The dead want nothing more than peace and reverence from the living. In return, they will direct the path.", which refers to the blocks near the pits in the previous room. Throw the rock there so that it lands close to the center platform but going towards the top-left one. At this point, use the first rock to function as a stepping stone between the right and top platform, and the second rock as a further stepping to reach the top-left platform, which has a chest containing a Gilded Falcon. Head up the stairs to exit this room.

Lars' Crypt is a one time only area, so it is suggested that you save before entering, since if you miss the Gilded Falcon and Life Vessel in there, you will be unable to get them again. The point of no return in Lars' Crypt for the Gilded Falcon is upon exit after defeating the Ancient Guardian and receiving the Ruby Crest.

Go back to the previous room with the three blocks and levers, hitting the left and right levers, covering up remains in them and opening the door on the left, go through it. Push the block to cover the remains, and ride the platform, staying on the right to dodge the first spiked ball, and left to dodge the second. While the platform is close to the platform on the left, jump over and pick up the barrel, hopping back on the platform. Ride the platform until it reaches the right part of the room, jump off it while still holding the barrel. Go up and use the barrel to reach the top left area of the room, talking to the statue. Which adjusts the arrow tiles, allowing Alundra to progress, before healing him.

Go back two rooms and go to the bottom of the third one, taking the left arrow tile, landing on the platform. Jump through the hole once it reaches and it reads the sign, which reads: "One step forward, two steps back is the rule of a world turned black. Once with success, advance again. with persistence you shall win.", this explains a puzzle concerning the next few rooms and opens a door at the lower right of the room. Take the platform down and read the plaque at the lower right, which reads: "The order of light comes from the outside until the darkness is vanquished!" which is about the orb puzzle in the next room. Take the door to the right.

Last Chance!
Before entering Inoa Village, make sure to get the Gilded Falcon from Olen's House, shortly after entering the village, the house will be destroyed. Losing the chance to get the falcon for the rest of the game.

In this room, use bomb on bottom orb, then dagger on top orb, and then dagger on middle one, going through the door to the right. In this room, kill the three slimes to open the gates, then exit through the left. Complete the orb puzzle again, and exit through the left door. Kill the slimes a final time and then exit through the door to the right, coming to a new room, go up the staircase to face the Ancient Guardian.

After defeating it, head right and talk to Lars, who gives Alundra three treasures, the Earth Scroll, a Magic Seed and a Life Vessel, after that, he gives Alundra the Ruby Crest and produces a warp tile, taking Alundra to the start of the Crypt, simply head up to leave and reappear back in the graveyard. After that, head back to Inoa Village.

Go to Nadia's House and talk to everyone in there and turn and talk to nadia in the bed then turn to leave, a loud explosion will sound, with Fein entering and saying that Olen's house has exploded. Nadia will say that she won't sleep until she can talk to Bonaire, so head to his house and talk to everyone in there. Lutas will then arrive, talk to Bonaire again and enter his dream.