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Alundra's World[edit]

Once, long ago, the peaceful people of Inoa served the gods by means idols. One day, Righteous King Snow decreed that all idol worship must cease, and all images used for worship must be destroyed. The King saw to it that those that openly defied him were burned alive at the stake. Thus began the darkest chapter in the domain of mortals.

In this dark time, the nights were not peaceful either, for the people found themselves haunted by disturbing dreams. Fortunately, a tribe of people were found to possess the ability to tread into the troubled subconscious of these souls. Unfortunately, fearing that their powers would be misunderstood, the members of this mythical tribe of Elna remained hidden.

Once the terrifying dreams started, the people of Inoa wished that they still had their idols. They found supplication to the gods to be difficult without physical images to aid them, and they needed the aid of the gods now more than ever. Broken, and seemingly alone, the groaning masses suffered greatly.

As if their trials were not great enough, the good people of Inoa have now been greatly disturbed by unexplainable events happening around the village. The priest of the Sanctuary was quick to point out that the gods were expecting their vengeance for their lack of faith. Alas, it was to get far worse before it was to get better.


Alundra is gifted with the ability to walk between the worlds of the conscious and the subconscious. Not knowing if this is a curse or a blessing. Alundra has tried to help people tame their monstrous nightmares, but he is crippled by lack of knowledge of how to use his skill effectively.

However, this time the dream is more personal. Every time that Alundra awakens, he sees the same images over and over again. In his dreams, he sees a man shrouded in a cloak. This guardian, Lars, implores him to journey to the village of Inoa. Lars has repeatedly told Alundra of the evil Id that one ravaged this world so many years ago. Lars urges Alundra to go to Inoa for the hopes and dreams of all the rest in his hands alone. Lars has foreseen the very place in which this evil will awaken. It is a lake located North of the village of Inoa.

Plagued by these visions and haunted by the words of Lars. Alundra boldly decides to board a ship that will soon set sail for the village of Inoa.

Thus begins Alundra's greatest adventure.


Alundra is a huge game, packed with excitement and adventure in a unique magical world. As the young hero Alundra, you will meet the diverse inhabitants of this strange and wonderful land, journey to mysterious places, and explore the depths of dangerous dungeons and underground labyrinths in your quest to save the village of Inoa from an ancient evil. Along the way you will encounter many different challenges and tests, and must face hundreds of monstrous foes in combat, find the solutions to dozens of devious puzzles, and avoid some of the most fiendish traps ever created.

If this all sounds a bit daunting, don't worry - although Alundra is a rich and complex game, it's also remarkably simple to get into and with this walkthrough at hand, will allow you to get all the content in the easiest (and hopefully) most enjoyable way possible.

Have fun!