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Balmora is a large, open town that span across a river and lays partly along a hillside. The guards are clad in bright golden bonemold armor.

Guilds and Groups[edit]

Guild Name Location
Balmora Fighters Guild West side of town, within the bazaar area.
Balmora Mages Guild The building adjacent and south of the fighters guild.
Balmora Thieves Guild No personal guild building, however, the Balmora guild leader, Sugar-Lips Habasi, is located in the South Wall Cornerclub, on the eastern side of town.
Cammona Tong West side of town, farthest building south, closest to water. The door faces the outer wall, southward.


Name Location Information
Caius Cosades East side of town, northeast building. The door faces south. The Spy Master.