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Walkthrough summary[edit]

Unlike most games in the series, Ultima 2 is rather linear. That's because at every step of the game the player has limited options to progress in the quest.

The non-linearity is left to the vast possibilities of exploration, that anyway don't help the game progression.

Age Game progression Optional areas
1423 B.C. (Game start) Tower, dungeon
1990 A.D. 1. Raise attributes;
2. With high attributes, defeat some Guards and win keys;
3. Use keys to get an airplane;
Tower, dungeon
Pangea age 4. Use the airplane to pass swamps and learn Father Antos' location; Dungeon
2112 A.D. aftermath 5. Use the airplane to get a space rocket;
6. Use the space rocket to get Father Antos' blessing;
Tower, 4 dungeons, 8 planets, 6 towns
1990 A.D. again 7. Use Father Antos' blessing to get the magic ring; -
Time of Legends 8. Use the magic ring to enter Minax's castle and defeat her. -

The importance of gold[edit]

In Ultima 2, gold is more important than in any other title in the series. Since the beginning of the game, it is necessary for:

  • 1. Purchase starting equipment
  • 2. Keep purchasing food
  • 3. Keep restoring Health Points
  • 4. Upgrading the attributes.

Later on, gold is also necessary for:

  • 5. Purchase the strongest weapon and armor
  • 6. Purchase magic spells
  • 7. Pay for information from the Oracle (or at the pub)

Therefore, this guide will give great importance to the optimization of gold.

The following table shows the "problem" of Ultima 2 by comparing it to the previous and next Ultimas.

Ultima 1 Ultima 2 Ultima 3
Starting equipment The Stranger starts with basic weapon and armor. The Stranger must buy even the most basic equipment. The Stranger's party members start with basic weapons and armors.
Food The Stranger can buy transportations early on thus reducing food consumption. No food consumption in towns and castles. Transportation that reduces food consumption is not available near game start. Food consumption is identical in towns and in the wilderness. Food consumption is slower. The Stranger's party members do not die instantly by starvation, their health progressively diminishes.
Health Points Visit a dungeon and leave to improve/restore health.
Max HP is 9999.
Buy health points from Lord British.
Max HP is 9999.
Health is restored by walking, using spells and camping to rest.
Max HP increases with experience level.
Raising attributes Visit a landmark and a corresponding king. Each landmark raises one specific attribute, the kings raise strength. Pay money to one specific character, and he will raise one random attribute by 4. Pay money at the four shrines. Each shrine raises one specific attibute.
Stronges weapon and armor The strongest weapon is obtained for free. The stronger armor must be purchased, but the Stranger can get a discount. The strongest weapon has to be purchased without discount. The stronger armor can be purchased with a discount. The strongest weapon and armor are obtained for free.
Magic spells Magic spells must be purchased. Magic spells must be purchased. Magic spells are learned for free, depending on the character's attributes.
Oracle and pub No oracle: the same information is obtained at the pub; chance to get drunk and robbed, depending on stamina. Pay the Oracle for essential hints. Hints from the pub are about item usage. Pay the Oracle and the pub for essential hints.